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Posted by Neha Chopra on November 19th, 2019

There are a few characteristics of every luxury watch brand which cannot be imitated by other brands. This is the reason why every product of a luxury watch brand boasts of uniqueness and earns the value of being a status symbol.

Needless to say, with the penetration of mobile phones into the consumer market, watches have lost their utility. However, the watch market is still growing year after year. This is because watches have strong esteem value. Today, almost every watch brand in the market focuses on being the best in the luxury segment.

There are mainly two dimensions that modern watch companies invest in. The first is technology and the second is design. It has been observed that most watch brands today excel in either the technology or design domain. However, this does not mean that there are no brands that are equally good in both dimensions. In this aspect, one can cite the example of Ethos Watches, which is capturing the market with its product quality.

If you have not been the owner of an Ethos watch, you are definitely missing out on something. Ethos watches are not only classy in their looks but also top notch in their technology. You must try out one of their watches to experience the excellence of the brand. The good thing is that, today, getting an Ethos watch is not a difficult task. You need not get an Ethos watch imported from the USA or UK. All you have to do is to walk up to any of the Ethos showrooms and check out the latest collection.

Finding an Ethos showroom is easy. Most of the shopping malls in major cities of India display the collections of this brand. In Mumbai, there are a large number of outlets of the brand, which provide great service to its customers.

The greatest customer service one can expect from any luxury brand is easy return and replacement. Ethos watches earn full marks in this field. If you purchase an Ethos watch and realize that the watch does not suit you, you can get it exchanged with another watch or return it, with complete refund.

In the last few years, Ethos has also started a unique facility in some outlets. With this facility, they provide sample watches to wear for a few days. If you are satisfied, you can purchase the original commodity or you can simply return the sample without paying anything.

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