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Posted by kunal on November 19th, 2019

What is that makes a house grand? What is it that makes the house look classy and a class apart - all at the same time? It is natural stone. It is not hard to see that why man is so fond of stone - history has it that the early man lived in caves and perhaps it is from there when the Marble Countertop Installers Tulsa stone fetish started. Of course, wood and bricks were the dominant building blocks of a home until steel came along. However, in these days due to restrictions in stone mining and using them for building homes is not what one would call a good economic sense. The reasons are not hard to guess. It is way pricey, it is heavier to move, construction is way slower and they are a bit too 'heavy' on the looks. However, with little use of combination of natural stones, one can make their home look a class apart.

Marble and Granite Touch to Your Dream Home

They are used almost in every flooring and construction of countertops. The reason is that the marble makes a rock-solid flooring at the same time giving it the elegant glaze with durability that nothing else can match. With granite, it is more used in table tops and kitchen countertops and liberally used even in bathroom designing.

The glaze and shine that these two ancient stones can give is simply unparalleled. A shine that does not look too awkward for your eyes and is high on aesthetic appeal! Kitchen is one place where the stones are used quite liberally. The reason is that granite is always classy and is easy to clean too. Moreover, it is not reactive and heat-resistant quite a bit. With a polished granite slab, you need not worry about oil/liquid spills or even with some powdery material. The pores are virtually non-existent in a polished granite top; remember the mirror like shine on the table top? When it comes to kitchen cabinets, hardwood is the best deal. It is light as well as it is strong enough to bear the kitchen beating that it may be subjected to. Laminated hardwood cabinets look classy and can resist dust and grime that may eventually settle on them.

Throughout the home, marble flooring are a must have if you want to bring 'that' elegant look throughout your home. Strangely it is marble flooring that best complements your walls and the artistic lampshades that you chose over others. Even with ultramodern designs, marble flooring looks the best. Marble flooring tiles are the in thing today mainly because they are easy to fabricate and easier to transport and lay on the floor. They can be cut to desired shapes and sizes as per requirement.

As one popular saying goes in the construction department - dreams are made of marble and granite in the home building industry. It is not hard to see the reason as why they are so popular.

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