Top Online & Offline Football Games to Play on Your Android Phone

Posted by Jai Shukla on November 19th, 2019

Today Internet is the home for all kinds of online or offline android games including soccer, hockey, cricket, football, lottery, badminton, video and many more.

People used to play various online games to entertain themselves in their leisure time. There are several options of games that a sports lover can find online whether it is a lottery to play online or casino gambling or online soccer games.

Now, among all of these games, football or soccer is one of the most entertaining games in the whole world. This game is not only enjoyed by playing in the field or watching it but also playing the game on your smartphone. With the high resolution of screens and advanced graphics, playing football games on Android is quite interesting. However, all are not enthusiast to play the game with other online players to compete as they may have some limited data usage issue. In such a scenario, offline football games which can be played without internet after downloading the game are in great demand.

Competition is fierce though, with the Metro recently publishing a list of the best new mobile games in October, and so football games have their work cut out to be among the best.

Here are some top lists of online and offline football games to play in your Android mobile:

  • Online Football – Final Kick: It is one of the best soccer games on Android phone. Enjoy the passion, heat and zest of playing a football game against other teams of the world with this Final Kick. However, the player can play the game in the best way when it is online but there are 20 local offline tournaments as well. So, you can also play the game without internet. The game is designed with high-quality animations y using the latest technology in motion capture.
  • Score Hero: Score Hero is one of the best offline football games that come with gameplay so that you can control the action on your Android phone. It has 580 levels and developers are working on it to add more levels. Though it is a simple game that needs practice to become master in this game. It has stunning animations and 3D graphics. You can easily connect to the game through Facebook and able to invite friends to compete with you. It has an intelligent AI that adapts your passes.
  • Dream League Soccer: It is the soccer game with the realistic gameplay which is an idealistic football game to play online and offline as well. More and more practice will make perfect of your gaming style and you can able to choose the formation and play the game against other teams to move forward in the tournament. Choose your players and Dream League will put you against the best team in the world.
  • FIFA Mobile Soccer: FIFA Mobile Soccer which is designed by EA Sports, is one of the famous football game to play online on Android phone. You can build your own team from 550 real teams. You can even play the real FIFA World Cup with the real teams by participating with 33 countries. Also, get the updates of real-world soccer. But to play the game, you would definitely require a working internet connection. First, test your skill in single-mode player and then face the challenges and win exciting prizes. FIFA is undoubtedly a market leader in that sense, with countless footballers sharing posts on social media either playing the game or enjoying some banter over it with Raheem Sterling the latest high-profile name to do so.
  • PES – Pro Evolution: Another famous online football game that you can play anytime anywhere with your friends. You can also select the famous legendary footballers to play with you. You would be able to get the players through Agents, Scouts. Every game will offer you a unique experience and enhances your skills and provide you with the real experience of playing football game on Android. These are top android games to play this gaming season.

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