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Posted by Fraser Ross on November 19th, 2019

Why Shop from Fraser Ross?

Shopping for jewellery online can be a little too worrying as most of the time you don’t find good quality jewellery to live with. This can be too upsetting as you keep so many expectations and then end up getting the complete opposite. Now you don’t need to feel bad about it as there are many websites that sell what they actually display on the website, like Fraser Ross.

Fraser Ross is an online store operated from Australia that sells 100% authentic and high-quality jewellery that is manufactured from scratch within Australia itself. The materials used for making the jewellery is purely obtained from the grounds of this beautiful continent and produced with utmost efforts and care. Being a part of the jewellery industry for almost a decade now, Fraser Ross has quite made its name in the topmost preferred online stores to buy from making them the no.1 choice amongst people around the globe. You will find their products and services to be efficient and up to the mark. Many customers have built a great relationship with Fraser Ross, not only due to the good-quality jewellery, but also the excellent service that is provided by the team members of this jewellery store.

Find Yourself A Pretty Diamond Pendant to Wear at Fraser Ross:

At Fraser Ross, what you’ll notice is that they sell both gold and silver jewellery. But what’s so unique about them? You will find a variety just within these two forms itself. Gold has three varieties that are: White gold, yellow gold, and Rose gold. Sterling silver jewellery is another option to go for in jewellery which is widely known for its durability and affordability. With so many ways of getting your desired jewellery customized, there is not one reason you should be used to skip on buying from this wonderful online store.

If you are in search of diamond pendants, then we have a plethora of options to display in front of you by Fraser Ross. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? Even if you don’t find the right kind of shape, design or size you’re looking for, Fraser Ross is ready to make a special one completely on your demand as to how you would like it to be designed. From having a guide chart to look at for getting the right length of the chain to choosing your own kind of fittings; you should be heading over to their website to start adding everything to your cart.

6 Exclusive Diamond Pendants to Buy from Fraser Ross:

1. Diamond romantic heart pendant:

A romantic heart pendant is perfect if you’re committed to the love of your life. This beautiful gold pendant has a tiny diamond in the centre where it connects both hearts merged together. What could be more romantic than this? If you want more into this lovely couple’s pendant, then you can get a bigger sized heart with you and your partner’s initials added into the heart to make it even more meaningful.

2. Diamond set snowflake pendant:

A snowflake is one of the most artistic creations of God. The tiny details make it look so unbelievable. Being so fragile and delicate, snowflakes look beautiful and you should get yourself a snowflake pendant soon as winters are just around the corner. You can get one in either sterling silver as well as gold and can gift it to your best friend to match up the same necklaces.

3. Celebration key pendant:

Celebration key pendant is all about unlocking great achievements in your life. It could be worn every day to remind yourself about your victory and maybe add in a few more details to the diamond pendant. You can either mark the anniversary date, like 18 or 21 or a symbol that relates to the achievement, like a baseball bat or basketball, etc. You can even gift it to someone on their anniversary date or birthday with their age on it.

4. Kitty cat pendant diamond:

Who does not love their pet to the moon and back? We sure do! If you have a pet cat that you love a little too much and can’t imagine a minute without them, then we suggest you get yourself a cute kitty cat pendant diamond. You can buy this in gold or silver with diamond embedded around the pendant. If your cat loves wearing a collar around their neck, then why not buy the same diamond pendant for your pet and match it up?

5. Platinum diamond circle pendant:

While there are so many shapes that you can get in diamond pendants, a platinum diamond circle has its very own class. You can either go for an empty circle with diamonds embedded over the circle, or you could add in a plate in the centre with your initial in diamonds as well. You may as well add more than one circle and create a triple circle diamond pendant necklace.

6. Rose gold spinner pendant:


Rose gold pendants are very rare and this is the reason why we have listed this as a must-have. Fraser Ross has a spinner pendant in rose gold which you just can’t resist looking at. It’s tiny, unique in colour and also perfect for everyday wear. You can order a set of this pendant necklace and gift it to your mom or sister on their birthday.

If you feel that you are totally up for buying diamond pendants from an online store, then Fraser Ross should be your stop. Head onto their website, Fraser Ross and find a never-ending variety of elegant gold and silver jewellery that can be re-shaped and re-designed according to your choice. If you feel like you haven’t found the right kind of diamond pendant that you really want for yourself, then just simply contact Fraser Ross helpline and order a diamond pendant with the tiniest of details just the way you visualize it

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