Make A Baby Shower Special With These Mixed Flowers

Posted by Betty Miller on November 19th, 2019

Celebrations can get spontaneous and even unplanned when there is a happy occasion around. And what could be a happier occasion than the arrival of a human being into this world? Yes, we are talking about baby showers and these are among the most-loved and popular functions practically all over the world, though celebrated differently. The event gets all the more special if one of your friends, family members or dear ones are expecting. You obviously feel like making the occasion treasured for the expecting mother and shower the couple and their soon-to-be-born child with love and blessings. You can send mixed flowers, deck up the home, and plan for a surprise cake and so on but flowers do remain an important part of a baby shower function.

Why Flowers are a Must in Baby Showers?

Baby showers are one among the very few occasions where the entire house is required to be decked up. It is a celebration that is supposed to bring happiness and cheer all around. The idea is to make the expecting mother, rather the couple, even more elated. It is a time for friends and family to communicate how eagerly they are waiting for the newborn to arrive. Now, flowers are the most obvious items that evoke a similar kind of feeling. They are bright, colourful, cheerful and extremely positive.

Flowers, in baby showers, are mostly used as centrepieces. The tables that are laid out are filled with exciting items and gifts for the mother and the baby. Apart from centrepieces, flowers can be used as garlands to cover up staircases, balcony railings and so on. Bouquets are excellent gifts for the occasion too and the very entrance to the home and the room for the baby can be decked up with different types of blossoms.

Different Types of Mixed Flowers that Go Well in Baby Showers

With flower décor being in trend, there is a huge demand for flower combos, and mixed flowers in particular. A mixed-flower arrangement typically contains different types and colours of flowers put together. Sometimes, the flowers are from the same class but the arrangement comprises other types of leaves and small plants to create a unique look.

For a colourful occasion like baby shower, you must go for a mixed-flower arrangement comprising roses and lilies. The vibrant hues of the roses combine with the cheerful tinge of the lilies to strike a perfectly beautiful and elegant look.

Mixed-flower arrangements consisting of orchids, especially purple orchids, are also suitable for a baby-shower function. You can send a bouquet of orchids as a gift if you are far away. Orchids placed in a glass vase look lovely as baby-shower centrepieces and lend a happy and positive vibe quite naturally.

Although slightly on the brighter side, you can combine sunflowers with some other light-coloured flowers to create an unconventional flower arrangement that echoes the essence and spirit of a function like baby shower.

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