How Hypnosis Assist You to Enhance Focus

Posted by Focus Hypnosis on November 19th, 2019

Hypnotherapist enters your subconscious mind to change your belief systems and deeply held attitudes about focus. Hypnosis works as a healing tool is that it works in close relation to the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a process which detours the conscious mind and works with the unconscious mind. Long term memory, habit and behaviour the self-image, patterns, feelings, as well as thoughts, and emotions, are saved in the unconscious.

Working with the unconscious mind may address the cause may be direct; this can result in rapid therapeutic transformation. Most talk-therapies work by eventually indirectly effecting the unconscious mind. This is done by communicating by the conscious mind to the unconscious.

Hypnotherapy to enhance focus is done knowing how to slow your mind’s thoughts cycle and focus on a certain process or one memory in the meantime. Your hypnotherapist can support you control your mind’s running thoughts, making you less distracted as you acquire an improved ability to concentrate.

While these are certainly general areas, hypnotherapy has proven beneficial in many other life areas:

v  Academic performance

v  Addictions

v  Anger

v  Career Direction and Success

v  Chronic Pain

v  Communication

v  Confidence

v  Decision Making

v  Fears and Doubt

v  Health and Healing

v  Hopelessness

v  Memory Recall 

v  Relationships

v  Self-image and Self-esteem

v  Sports Performance

v  Stress Release

v  Surgery

v  Surgical Anxiety

Here are some creative uses of hypnosis:

  • Parts therapy

The process contains working straight with the parts of the inner self at the level of the unconscious. Common parts worked with are:

v  Trickster

v  Inner child

v  Saboteur

v  Inner mate

v  Anima/ Animus

v  Judge

v  Higher-self.

Psychological disease is measured to be an expression of a person psyche being out of stability. Parts therapy seeks to integrate the parts to establish inner harmony.

  • Active visualisation

The active visualisation includes having the person generate a state in their mind and live out the desired outcome. A subject with fear of public speaking would be guided to visualise in as much detail as possible getting up in front of an audience and giving a dynamic speech free from anxiety, doubt, and tension. This process has proven extremely effective for dealing with fears and phobias but does need to be repeated multiple times with as much emotional intensity as possible.

  • Spiritual exploration

Several processes using hypnosis for spiritual explorations have risen since the mid-'70s. Communicating with one's higher-self, balancing the chakras, meeting with spirit guides, and channelling wise beings for guidance are but a few of how hypnosis is used for spiritual needs.

  • Past-Life Therapy

This method of therapy use hypnosis as a tool to direct a person earlier in time to an event or series of events which are initially integrated into the therapeutic setting as being the cause of present-life concerns or unresolved/able problems.

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