Why K-Pop Is So Addicting

Posted by Andy on November 19th, 2019

Why K-Pop Is So Addicting

The biggest music genre growing right now at this moment is Korean Pop, it is not American Rap, Reggeaton or American Pop Music. K-Pop is getting fans from all over the world. And the funny part is that these fans are usually pretty young girls from countries such as Poland or Mexico and even in the United States they have a strong fan base.

How Is This Even Possible

If you are familiar with K-pop then you know that the singers in the K-pop bands are usually very attractive, good looking and sexy. This combination and the fact that they can sing very good and that there is a good beat in the song, people are getting more addicted to K-pop music even though it is most probable they can not even understand this. What most young fans are ignorant of is the fact that these artists are a product of the big record labels. The competition to make it to a K-pop band is intense, difficult and almost impossible. So this means that only the most good looking and best singing can make it. The good looking part is mostly done by cosmetical surgery and the latter by endless of hours practicising, which is no fun. Believe me.

Even though and in spite of this, K-pop is taking over the world and big time. Groups such as BTS are selling out big venues in every single country they visit for concerts as part of their tour. K-pop is attracting a big young audience and this is no suprise since there are a lot of good looking Korean guys in every K-pop band.

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