Camouflage Dentistry: Five Secrets That Dentists Never Told

Posted by Sealectric on November 20th, 2019

Today, there are many clinics that provide dental services. Both legal And the type that is secretly served points of concern that are not known to ordinary people Or know when it's too late. Is the use of certain dental services May bring danger later. Even if that clinic or dentist has a certificate until the service is legally open.

Sometimes this means that instead of this quick large technology way they may indicate a slower a lot much more natural approach. As an example, instead of aspirin treatments, they may recommend a change in diet to help prevent cavities. It is not fluoride . In fact, probably the most dangerous chemical in toothpaste is popularly called sodium lauryl sulfate and it was originally developed as an engine degreaser. That is certainly why biological dentist recommend an examination of the ingredients in any oral care product you get.

Here are 5 secrets that dentists have never told. But we want to let you know To avoid danger and damage from treatment

The dangers of beautiful braces - white enamel
What is a lot of problems nowadays Is part of cosmetic dentistry In the olden days, cosmetic dentistry was used only for people with real problems, but nowadays, a little bit is done because everyone wants to have beautiful teeth.

The first case is orthodontics. Orthodontic problems that are currently in fashion are orthodontics. Wear braces because they believe that it will make the chic look modern, regardless of whether it is fake or real steel. Use good quality wire or bad.

Naturally The color of the teeth and the color of the sclera Must be the same color Principles of enamel of dentists Which is to look at the color of the eye first And then see the color of the teeth These two must be the same color.

But it depends on the individual's point of view as to what value they give Because it cannot be denied that today Not only do people value beauty. Because it can help improve the quality of life for him.

The doctor is smart but lacks ethics
This profession is like other professions. That has both good and bad people With common sense and without common sense Ask how then general people will know. Which doctor is good or bad

This question is a difficult question to answer. The reason is even the people who get the board Get various certificates Or label in front of the store that the first-class honor, gold medal Does not mean that he has a code of ethics, such as some orthodontic clinics.

The doctor is not good but wants to be rich.
There are 2-3 branches in dentistry that make a lot of money. The first branch is orthodontics. The next branch is cosmetic dentistry. And the last branch is dental implants and dentures.


One common case That is, there are many students who do not graduate Didn't have an art disease certificate Then go out to behave wrongly, such as under the power of some doctors who want to 'gunman' to work at the clinic themselves In order to be hired at a lower price Or some people may not be very skilled But relying on good looks, good talk, can call customers etc.

Barbarian - teeth ( artificial) barbarian
That is the dentist's problem with a professional certificate. But another type which has a lot too Is a dentist who does not have a professional certificate Or illicit doctor

The first case is those who are dental technicians. Which is responsible for making false teeth as the doctor ordered When this type of mechanic saw himself able to make dentures Instead of following the doctor's orders only Was also hired to make the patient himself But the problem is that the skills of the doctor and the mechanic are different.

Inspect- reduce risk
In the part of avoiding and solving problems In the case of a doctor who has a professional certificate. The recommended method is

Went to check the information on the website. If that dentist is listed on this website Will help to guarantee that part of the ability Have a professional license And about a case has been collected. Simply said, passing in academic terms But does not guarantee 100% that if done with this doctor then it will be good Because of a good doctor But there is no unethical behavior.

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