How to Keep the Cannabis Aroma Fresh for Longer?

Posted by Eddy Marcelin on November 20th, 2019

A cannabis user always wants to preserve the aroma and taste of the bud. This way, it feels tastier and fresh in the long run, and it seems the true worth for your money.

As there is no expiration date for cannabis, it is still important to store the buds rightly. Let’s see some of the tricks that can make the cannabis stay fresh for longer whether you do mail order marijuana or buy it locally.

Separate Herb from the Packaging Instantly

The terpenes present in the marijuana are responsible to maintain its smell. So as you have guessed it, the more you care about the terpenes, the more efficiently your marijuana bud serves you.

Once you receive your marijuana, take it off that packaging and transfer it to an airtight glass container. The glass container and the airtight property keep the smell from escaping around.

Let the Trichomes Flourish

This tip is for those who prefer growing the marijuana on their own. While doing the trimming, drying, and curing, you should avoid touching the plant’s buds repeatedly. Doing so would only affect its smell and taste.

Trichomes keep the terpenes protected, and when your fingers touch them, you destroy the terpenes. That is why, your fingers smell once you touch the plant. Try to avoid this major part of the plant and be gentle with handling.

Dry the Cannabis in a Cool and Dark Place

Drying the cannabis keeps it from caching mold or mildew like issues. This way, the herb serves you for longer when it is free from moisture. Always remember that light and moisture are two factors that disturb the overall herb.

Therefore, once you have dried the herb, it is also necessary to store it in a cool and dark place. The ideal temperature is approx. 15 and 22 degree Celsius with the humidity level of around 50%. At higher temperature, the terpenes get affected and that is the last thing you would want. To keep the hassle away, you can buy weed edibles online!

The overall drying time depends on the conditions you bring to use. For an idea, it takes 3 to 7 days for the grower to ensure the plant is dry enough. Generally, when the twigs or stems of the plant can break easily, it is a sign that the plant is dry enough.

Keep the Environ Clean

Keep the marijuana environ as clean as possible. Do not spray or use any air-freshener where you grow the plant as it reacts with the atmosphere and does not produce marijuana in its full potential. As a result, it compromises the plant’s scent and taste.

Tip: If you are an indoor grower, make sure to have an additional light source for the marijuana crop.


Be sure to make proper research while choosing the marijuana provider for the mail order marijuana. Also, if you are buying from a local provider, crosscheck for the quality of the strains.

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