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We're a raw Manuka honey supplier in NZ. Our Manuka honey NZ is pure honey which comes from the genus Leptospermum scoparium popularly known as the manuka plant.


Our manuka honey new zealand is pure manuka honey which comes from the genus Leptospermum scoparium popularly known as the manuka plant. The purity of manuka honey new zealand is gauged by the presence of a compound called MGO, which stands for Methylglyoxal.

MGO is naturally found in adequate quantities in the Leptospermum scoparium species only. It is considered to be the main trigger for the taste, flavor and aroma of the manuka honey. The honey has medium sweetness and a lasting taste. There is usually a bitter aftertaste which includes a nutty flavor.

The MGO content in honey increases as the honey ripens. But the entire process requires great expertise to make sure that the honey is handled properly. Since the MGO content varies in all honeys, you can check the amount of MGO in a specific bottle of manuka honey by checking for the certified MGO content information.

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manuka honey new zealand is usually light or mid amber in color. Since every batch of manuka honey will have its unique properties and regional differences will bring slight changes in the color, there is no specific coloration for manuka honey. The MGO content continues to strengthen in the honey even after it is packaged. The content mentioned on the bottle is considered to be the lowest amount of MGO content which the honey will definitely have.

Shop RAW Mānuka honey MGO 400+ best manuka honey

It is said that farmers in New Zealand often hated the Manuka plant considering it a costly nuisance which was difficult to remove from the cultivation lands. At one point, the infected manuka plants were used by farmers to get rid of other manuka plants.

But with time, it has become of the most favored plants in the country and has been used in a number of conservation projects. Needless to say, it has gained favor among the honey supplier NZ because of the high-quality taste and the smooth texture of manuka honey new zeala

While the biggest reason why manuka honey new zealand is favoured throughout the world is because of its taste and aroma, it is known to be good for the skin and health as well. If you are thinking of where to buy honey in New Zealand, then it is best to look for local beekeepers who provide excellent raw manuka honey NZ. All the honey sold by us is pure, fresh, natural, raw, and double creamed to enhance the taste and texture of the honey.

The creaming process used by us helps to even out the crystals and give the honey a smooth texture. By double creaming the honey, it gets even better and has an enticing smoothness making it even more delicious. We go to great lengths to preserve the integrity of the honey making sure that the enzymes, propolis and amino acids found in the honey can be preserved.

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