How does the POS terminals charge?

Posted by sere on November 20th, 2019

How does the POS terminals charge?

With the development of POS terminals, many friends will use POS terminals, so when using POS terminal should be the most concerned about the handling charge of swiping the card, Telpo will show you how the handling charge of POS terminal is deducted.

The procedure rate of POS terminal is deducted according to the percentage of transaction volume, which varies according to different industries:

1, General industry is 1%, special industry is about 2% (such as hotels, hotels, jewelry, crafts, etc.).

2. For bulk transactions and wholesale transactions, the deduction rate is capped, usually 0.5% to 1%, and a single transaction is capped at 20 yuan or 50 yuan.

3. The handling fee shall be borne by the merchant and shall be deducted from the settlement fund of unionpay. In the income, the issuing bank gets 70%, unionpay 10%, which is the fixed part, and the rest is the income of the receiving bank or the receiving company.

4. Any other rate, such as 0.4%, 0.8%, 1.6%, 1.8%, etc., which varies according to the type of business, is uniform throughout the country.

Consumers do not deduct the money from their bank accounts when they swipe their CARDS on POS machines. The handling fee deducted from POS machines is deducted from the merchant's bank account. According to the business license of the business of the business, the business scope of the provisions, the merchant's account will be deducted.

Where should the payment of POS terminals credit card be settled?

First, we are bound to corporate or private accounts

So we bound to private or public account, the money that swipes a card is inside the account that bound to us for certain, won't arrive zhang pays treasure;

Second, the pos machine in cooperation with alipay is your alipay account. It depends on whether the merchant you signed a contract with swipes the card on time or the next day. Telpo kindly reminds you that you must find a reliable and regular institution for the handling machine, so that the after-sales service and capital of the agent can be guaranteed.

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