What functions does cosmetic glitter have?

Posted by sere on November 20th, 2019

What functions does cosmetic glitter have?

Cosmetic glitter is to play the role of decoration, with different parts will have different effects, the next jiali take you together to see what cosmetic glitter decorative role.

The makeup function of cosmetic glitter

1. Fashionable thick eyebrow join flash pink effect, create a different cool feeling and hot. It is to want to draw fashionable brow above all, raise brow position bold, eyebrow end part is to want next elongate. The next step is to place a golden glitter on the brow. Eye makeup respect, collocation USES light golden brown eye shadow, light one layer, do not compare eyebrow to shine.

2. In delicate pink lip makeup a little bit of shiny effect, let daily makeup look more attractive. When making this makeup look, the lipstick that should use color a bit darker just can show ablative feeling to come out. Can use lip gloss purely to achieve the effect that lifts bright. For extra sparkle, use lip balm with a touch of glitter. Keep eye makeup and bottom makeup as clean as possible.

Other functions of cosmetic glitter

1. Wear low-cut clothes, the cosmetic glitter sweep in the chest can greatly enhance the sexiness, shining powder puff let the body send out invincible temptation, in addition to business parties, general parties or nightclubs, can be used. Choose exquisite flash pink, feel the body sparkling, especially summer use, and sexy skirt or noble long skirt, are perfect match! The night is sparkling!

2. Wear backless outfit can sweep in the shoulder, cosmetic glitter is to play the role of decoration, such as the elbow can be used in the whole arm of the most rough parts, cosmetic glitter is not easy to play more, or in the sun on terror;

3. Cosmetic glitter can also be used in the hair! Dip a large brush in some glitter and brush over the hair as it grows. Sweep the hair that flicks pink besides can send out the light like silks and satins, fine pink quality of a material still can effectively let hair root part become more fleecy.

4. Can be used as honey powder sweep in the face, and can be used as eye shadow. Daytime is changed very weak makeup had better not use flash pink, can show exaggerated. The word in the evening affects makeup because of lamplight can be a bit thick, add again flash pink can be very outstanding, can sweep in eyebrow bone, inner canthus, on eyelid even eyebrow, lower eyelid middle, can make eyeball more watery. Use on brow bone and bridge of nose, can appear face shape stereo.

5. When shining powder and skin color have excessive, do not go up into a piece. If need, general cosmetic store can sell flash pink and shadow pink technically. Flash pink profile, it is to correct face shape, look more standard and the gimmick that USES, make up can be used at ordinary times, let facial ministry look stereo, outline is bright.

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