Posted by John Able on November 20th, 2019

For a residential contractor, repeat business is vital to future sales and success. All businesses, residential contractors included, would like customers. In essence, the purchasers are the business.

Residential Contractor Statistics

According a recent article in Forbes, the bulk of potential customers provides a business just one shot. One shot.

Think about that. If you focus a lot of on your existing customers, you may lower prices and increasing your business profits.

Here are some tips to increase your repeat business and see more cash in your checking account.

Start With the Fundamentals

You need to get new business in the first place, before you can get repeat business. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?  Getting new customers become the basis of repeate business.

Answer the phone, reply to your voice mail, email or social media inquires promptly. If you aren’t available, these valuable sales contacts can go elsewhere. If you're too busy, get workers to support you.

Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty are the building blocks of a robust contractor client base. They're essential for earning repeat customers. And 83% of shoppers say they might suggest a business they trust to others.

Customer trust and loyalty are earned.  Like all relationships, it starts by doing what you say you will do.   This implies arriving at the regular appointment time, having the skills and quote prepared, delivering the project on time, with the standards expected by the client.

Trust And Transparency

For your customers to trust you, you need to be worthy of their trust.  That mean being honest and clear regarding what they will expect from your company’s services.

Be as clear as you can regarding what you have got to supply. give clear project quotes to meet client expectations from the beginning. Your customers don't wish surprises, merely quality work, done on time, at an inexpensive price.

Every client ought to know specifically what to expect in the language of your project contract and what is covered in your deposit payment.

Loyalty Retention Program

When you supply some sort of incentives/rewards for repeat business, you offer your customers a transparent incentive to stay with with your contractor business rather than switch to one of your competitors. These incentives might be a reduction on following remodeling project, special invite for a complementary home service, a complementary gift for a brand new client referral, etc.  The list is varied.

Regardless of the precise loyalty retention program, the goal is to create it a lot of advantages for your customers to continue working with you rather than to check out their alternative choices. The more your services cater to their desires, the more likely you may be in obtaining residential contractor repeat business.


To increase your residential contractor repeat business is pretty basic.   You would like to be the kind of residential contractor that customers you would wish to work with.  It's just that easy.

Provide great quality and services. Be on time and complete your project on time. Be clear and honest.  Set the correct expectations along with your customers beforehand.

Your the goal is to place your customers first and to create a positive experience that they appreciate.

In short, be the kind of residential contractor that you simply would hire yourself.

Contact Home Improvement Helpers for other contractor tips and advice to help grow your business.

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