The Uprise Of K-Pop And The Artists Behind It

Posted by Andy on November 20th, 2019

K-Pop is a new phenomenon of which lots of people have heard about, but there is also a huge block of people left who've never heard of Korean music let alone K-Pop Bands such as: EXO, Blackpink, GOT7, BTS and SHINee. 

These new and established Kpop groups are selling out big venues for their concerts. A thing that even Western artists now have troubles with. 

So What Do Kpop Fans Look Like?

Kpop fans are usually girls not to mention the fact that there are a lot of boys there too in the fan base. These are usually teenagers and youngster whom try to step away from mainstream media and music. And it seems that they have found their perfect outlet in K-Pop. Because chances are high that they do not even speak Korean. But music is not about the language, it is more about the message it conveys and in K-Pop there are a lot of genres.

Both girls and boy K-Pop bands are also very well dressed and that might play a part in attracting a loyal fanbase. This certainly helped in selling more fan merchandise as all Kpop groups are selling more and more merchandise apparel and clothes all over the world.

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