How To Make Your Booth Stand Out In Your Next Tradeshow

Posted by Best Trade Show on November 20th, 2019

According to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute, 75% of respondents believe that in-person events are an effective marketing strategy. In fact, in-person events ranked higher than other strategies such as case studies, webinars, and many others. Tradeshows offer a great opportunity to organizations to form relationships with their prospects. Drawing a huge crowd is very important in the exhibit hall otherwise your efforts get wasted. Keep reading to get prepared for the next tradeshow.

1.Build hype in advance

One of the best things you can do is create a hype around your booth in advance. Take out some time to cultivate a multichannel campaign so that your customers and prospects know where you will be and what they can expect from you. It is better if you start this process three-four weeks before the tradeshow. Focus on being interactive and create suspense which will definitely motivate them to stop by come showtime. For this, you can create an email campaign that promises a special surprise but do remember to not reveal much information. Also, make full use of social media before the final day; incorporate event-related hashtags in your copy, use high-quality pictures and videos.

2.Invest in high-quality booth designs

Investing in high-quality booth designs is one of the easiest ways to stand out in the exhibit hall. It can be a little costly but it is worth it! Put some money into a set-up that your team can re-use in the future. Create a booth design that can easily grab your prospect’s eye. The pop-up banner stands are one of the most used tools during these kinds of events as they are very cost-effective. They highlight your brand and make your business stand out from the crowd. Pop-up banner stands help to target potential clients as people passing by can easily see what your business offers. Pop-up banner stand with a remarkable design can also leave a lasting impression so be sure to deal only with the professional printing companies.

3.Have plenty of giveaways

People love free stuff- especially the ones who attend tradeshows! If you really want your booth to stand out, make sure your marketing strategies are very effective. Get creative and have plenty of giveaways for your audience. You can pass some freebies like totes, tradeshow survival kits stocked with all the essentials and mobile device chargers. These things are not only practical but also very cost-effective.

4.Create an experience

Allow your prospects to get involved with your booth by creating a game or a quiz. Feature any activity that draws people to your neck of the woods. Make your booth presence inbound. o something that is totally different from the average tradeshow booth. You surely want to leave an impact and want your attendees to remember you. Give them something that they are not able to resist.

5.Invest in social media to your advantage

It is important for your team to remain active on social media throughout the entire event and not just before. Events gather a lot of attention within the social area. With consistent and strategic participation, your brand can utilize this popularity for your advantage. Be persistent and remain in the spotlight. Highlight special components of your booth like the giveaways or any fun activity, re-tweet the most popular sessions, share behind the scenes pictures or videos.

Also, prioritizing follow-up is very important. Take some time to prepare a strategic post-show process to follow up with your new leads. You can offer them a free trial of your product or service and provide valuable content. Remember that tradeshows are to form relationships with your target audience so plan ahead and you will see great results.

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