How to Mow a Lawn- Science behind the Lush

Posted by Journo Henry on November 20th, 2019

Mowing not only makes the lawn striking, pleasant to the beholder but also has other benefits. Some lawns look bald and horrid with dry and brown grass, while others look like a green carpet has been placed on the ground. The question is how to mow a lawn perfectly? There is a science and technique for perfectly mowing the lawn. Regular mowing gets rids of the weeds which vie with grass for nutrients. It is needless to say mowing makes the lawn immaculately perfect but also prevents it from being a dwelling hub of insects like mosquitoes causing malaria and other diseases. When the grasses are of equal stature, they get the same amount of nutrients, sunlight, air, and water from the sprinkler.

Knowledge is power

Cleanliness is next to godliness. A clean, tidy lawn is a perfect place for a sunbath for you and your toddler. Mowing dismisses the garbage and dirt that collects over your lawn. Sunlight provides the necessary Vitamin D, which is good for your bones. The beforehand cut grass decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil. This phenomenon helps the existing and new shoots to have adequate nutrients from the soil for growth and luster. The vigorously beautiful and green lawn is the result of decomposition of organic matter.

Die Hard

While mowing, you cut both the strong and weak shoots. The strong ones are persistent; they leave their footprints on the soil. When the grass starts growing, the fittest survive, giving the luster and texture. This secret of Nature remains behind the human mind and apparent view. Mowing eliminates petulant insects like cockroaches, which may enter your home through windows or other vents. The unkempt, cluttered lawn is a perfect place for snakes to hide and rats to thrive in their holes. Mowing on only beautify your lawn but keeps it safe from these unwanted intruders.

Best types of grass

Another feature that determines the appearance, texture, and sheen of your lawn is the type of grass that is adorning your lawn. Knowing which kind of grass is most suitable to the weather condition and soil type makes your lawn look more perfect and scrupulous. Kentucky bluegrass is tantamount to a perfect lawn. With proper care and favored growing condition, it produces a dense, luxuriant lawn which everybody will adore. The perennial Ryegrass germinates quickly and establishes fast. This kind of grass provides a lush and fine-bladed lawn. As it has good cold tolerance, it retains the lushness even in winter. Fine Fescue is tolerant of the long dry season and grows even under shades.

Soil types

Soil with inadequate nutrients can spoil all the hard work you put into, even if you have planted the perfect grass according to your weather condition. Using a turf builder can solve this problem. It will act as a fertilizer, eliminate weeds, and improve the luster of your lawn. Planting of different varieties of grass seeds will augment the look and quality of your lawn. Plow the soil before planting diverse types of grass seed, so they can germinate effortlessly, without struggling too much to pierce through the soil. Constantly changing the mowing direction makes the grass stand upright. Above steps are exact processes of how to mow a lawn perfectly.

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