Fact or Fiction: The Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by TheCottages on November 20th, 2019

More and more, as we age, the worry of dementia or memory issues creeps into the back of our minds, including concerns about needing Alzheimer’s assisted living, especially if you’ve had a friend or a loved one living with the disease. In particular, with tons of rumors, myths and misinformation running rampant on the Internet, it can be easy to convince yourself that dementia or Alzheimer’s is inevitable for you as well. However, there is a great deal of incorrect information about the disease. It’s time to separate fact from fiction.

Fact or Fiction: Does old age make Alzheimer’s unavoidable?
Fiction! While the risk of needing Alzheimer’s assisted living or help from a memory care facility does increase with age, it is far from inevitable. In fact, in a recent study, a full 50 percent of those in their 50s and 60s stated that they believed they were going to develop dementia. However, only 20 percent of advanced age adults ever deal with any symptoms of dementia.

Fact or Fiction: Is there a genetic risk that means you will certainly develop dementia?
Fiction! While research has allowed us greater insight into genetic triggers for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, these genetic markers don’t make for a specific need for Alzheimer’s assisted living. In fact, taking steps to support brain health can make a huge difference in the overall disease risk. Multiple recent studies showcase the fact that following positive lifestyle guidelines can lower the risk by as much as 32 percent.

Fact or Fiction: Can mental activities lower the risk of Alzheimer’s?
Fact! Just like any other muscle, brain activity is crucial to combat dementia and prevent or delay the need for Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities. Reading, participating in art or language classes and travel are just a few examples of healthy brain activity.

As great as the fear of Alzheimer’s or dementia may be, knowing how to separate fact from fiction can help arm you with the knowledge to help keep your memory functioning, and hopefully avoid the need for dementia assisted living facilities. However, if you do find yourself or a loved one dealing with the consequences of any memory issues, The Cottages are a top-of-the-line memory care residence for dementia patients in Texas, designed to replicate the comforts of home.

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The Cottages have been operating in Texas since 1997 and are family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living. The Cottages are state-of-the-art certified assisted living residences for people living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.

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