Travel to Canada without a Criminal Record

Posted by glainmax55 on November 21st, 2019

The eTA for its acronym is an electronic travel authorization. This automated system determines the eligibility of people who want to visit Canada. If you are having any criminal records, you need to contact the Canadian pardon service.

The eTA is not a visa, it is a travel authorization to visit Canada for a certain time. The eTA is not designed for people who want to live, study or work in Canada.

Once the eTA is requested, it will be electronically linked to the passport, so it is essential to travel with the document with which the application was made.

Let us clear some of your doubts on traveling to Canada if you have criminal records:

Do I need a Criminal Record certificate to travel to Canada?

The Criminal Record certificate is not mandatory to travel to Canada as a tourist. However, if you want to work in Canada, you may have to process a Criminal Record Certificate. 

You can complete the process online by completing a Certificate Request or Report of No Criminal Record. However, the best and easy way to contact criminal record pardons Canada.

On the other hand, if you have a criminal record it is very important that you do not deny them when applying for the eTA. In the travel authorization questionnaire for Canada, you must answer honestly to all questions, including those concerning criminal records. However minor the crime may have been, you are required to declare it on the eTA permit form.

If you have a criminal record for crimes committed before the age of 18, you may still have the opportunity to be granted entry into Canada.

To be considered your application, despite having a criminal record, you must meet the following requirements:

Provide supporting documents as you comply with the legal terms to be considered rehabilitated:

- They have transpired more than 5 years since the crime and also since their final sentence
- Fully served his sentence
- Not likely to incur new crimes
-Had he committed the crime in Canada, he would have had a prison term of fewer than 10 years
- Your rehabilitation request was approved
- He was granted a background suspension
- He has a temporary residence permit
- If you have a foreign passport and criminal record, it is recommended that you request a criminal rehabilitation before entering your eTA Canada petition. Once your rehabilitation confirmation has been approved, you can request a Canada eTA.


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