Making players Maple story M Mesos overpowered

Posted by Maplestory2M on November 21st, 2019

Making players Maple story M Mesos overpowered with no requirement to use anything else By that I mean lower spawn per place but possess the enemies act more like Bosses and whatnot that could reward EXP and items than the standard enemies you would have been confronting earlier in the matchThis helps to make training more interesting since you

are no more fighting what are reskins of Mushrooms and Snails using more HP and could make debuffing abilities more useful out of core bossing maybe partying It also only makes it so the game really feels like its progressively becoming more difficultI think it would also help to get players to play the game more of the planned way

by placing restrictions on each boss by forcing you to have conquered the boss prior to it a certain number of timesZakum is acquired in  days Von Leon in two weeks and Easy Cygnus in  weeks Reason being that it doesnt make any sense that major content cans skip Force the key words to incorporate it all which helps to keep players properly geared for every one Section of this mill in Maple is made up by the players themselves since theyre obsessed with skipping everything and settling using Pensalir  generic gear  and going right to endgame with what asks of their gear at the pointI will just add that I play my Blaster with no GMS content except for

Nebulites the closest thing we have to Flames and they are significantly weaker therefore I think its honest  so I dont consciously make the most of Kishin though it is not always possible to avert a glitched map or meso farm in the GMS way that is effectively just botting and dont use SweetwaterGollux I am already at the point where

I will solo Easy Cygnus that despite all I have Legendary potential on my Emblem and Secondary that despite all and adequate potentials on everything else that Ill transfer around Empress set I dont even have dropmeso gear either Does not take some disgusting grind whatsoever and the only thing is the entrance limitation on

EmpressMapleStory weve got anvils Maplestory M Mesos Weve Got cubesBanning people because theylook like hackers will be the precise reverse of what you want to doIm going to give you the name of a participant that I found ingame Of course a bot correct Wrong Hes really a Paladin I saw in Heneseys a long time ago However you probably assumed

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