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Posted by kanuj on November 21st, 2019

A platform like CS Cart has very little to offer in the freemium version and offer the marketplace features in the paid versions. Adhoc to them are the monthly or yearly subscription and overall platform maintenance charges that could be very menacing for the SMEs with teh strict budgets. It is not a hidden talk that building a marketplace software is a challenging task involving many complications and time-consuming steps to be followed. If not performed in an accurate manner can turn into a nightmare. There are many modules that need to be developed and requires special attention like storefront design, cart checkout system setup, shipping, and payment options integration,  many more. Every single activity requires tremendous brainstorming within a team and they adopt the most suitable tailored approach to ensure you get a full function marketplace software. Remember, an attractive marketplace software that will be able to fulfill currently demanding consumers and gain a cutting edge on the highly competitive eCommerce market could be achieved only with the right choice of multi-vendor eCommerce platform.

If you as a store owner are thinking to take the CS Cart development as the base for your marketplace, you might have to depend on third-party software development and maintaining companies to get it done. Some of the issues been faced when using CS-cart as an online store builder is like, expensive add-ons and templates are not at all free. Whereas Sellacious provides more than nine free templates with interactive components and grid developed keeping in mind the best user experience practices. CS cart is very restrictive to allow only the vendor of a single country to sell at a multivendor marketplace, that means, only the vendor that belong to the country of store admin could register at their marketplace. Hence, you not at all go global and can create mono-cart when using CS Cart development solutions. The shipping zones could be only set by the store administrator. For example, if the shipping zones for the vendor from Berlin are set then the vendors from Paris and Athens cannot use those locations for shipment of packages. Hence, advance vendor permissions couldn’t be granted. Moreover, the vendor cannot set their own shipment rules to calculate automated shipment charges. 

Besides having poor customer care support and total negligence to the issues reported you will ultimately have to go for the development of integration from the third-party developers. customer support staff may not be able to entertain every single customer request or call. Thus, creating a lack of trust and an increase in abandoned cart rates. The documentation of any platform stating its steps of usage and features that the software has to offer is very essential for the success of any platform. But, in the case of CS cart, it is completely confusing for the store owners to how to look for the issues they are facing and what this platform has to offer. The language is very much technical, means you might have to have a knowledge of technical terminology andthe structure of language is inappropriate. 

With a platform like Sellacious, you not only overcome all the shortcoming of any platform like CS-cart but get to introduced with more than 5000 eCommerce features which are available to full potential to create a good function online store with a high return on investments. It's a saying, “Your ‘brand’ is driven by what you ‘do’, and how you are ‘perceived’”. To help your brand reach new heights, we offer an innovative project with great potential for scalability and global impact. Sellacious is an open-source eCommerce and Marketplace software which lets you create your own Online Store with the exact configurations needed and the variations that it comes with. 

Sellacious is an online store builder which is a breakthrough eCommerce platform allowing vendors to create their own online store and marketplace from scratch and manage it to full efficiency. With sellacious, you not only create a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace but startups can start with small webshops to large shopping malls. 

Our team is composed of a multidisciplinary and dynamic group of professionals with complementary skills, consisting of one web strategy and analytics expert, UX strategist and a Product Engineer. Our exemplary set of skills and a unified vision differentiates our brand in the industry.

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