After 15 years, we can finally customize the character face in World of Warcraft

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on November 21st, 2019

Shadowlands is the latest expansion of the upcoming World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced a lot of information about the program on BlizzCon 2019, such as Sylvanas destroyed the Lich King's helmet and ended his rule, but Azeroth continent The residents also ushered in new dangers. In fact, in addition to editing the new storyline, the development team also modified and adjusted many of the systems in the game. Players will usher in a new starting area, and everyone's level cap will be reduced to 60, and the most attractive player is the custom character option that will be introduced into the game.

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According to the introduction, with the new option for character customization, players will be able to show themselves more easily with faces in the game, and characters of the same race will no longer have the same faces and avatars like clones. In an interview with the game media, Blizzard was asked why these options were added to World of Warcraft 15 years after launch. Blizzard's senior producer Michael Bybee and chief game engineer Patrick Magruder responded positively to the issue.

According to Bybee, one of the problems with developing MMORPGs is that studios need to allocate resources reasonably. With the continuous development and advancement of technology, now they have time to spend on the visual effects of the characters, so they made such a decision. They realized that it was necessary to implement "HD resolution updates" on the character model, and developers allocated a lot of resources for this, so that their resolution and recognition reached a higher level. In fact, they can completely cover new skin colors for their characters and claim that they add diversity to the game, but they don't want to make such meaningless updates.

Instead, the development team wants to add something really meaningful to the game, such as allowing the player to reshape the character's face as he wishes. Although it takes a lot of time, developers want to do what they think is right. As long as these options can achieve their role in the game, they have meaning.

Magruder expressed support for his views. He also explained that the race and change of the face is not limited to alliances such as humans or dwarves, and all races are free to use these changes. He is excited about this because creative players can completely shape their own avatars in the game through character customization options.

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