The World of Warcraft classic battlefield will be released at 12.10.

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 21st, 2019

The World of Warcraft classic battlefield will be released at 12.10.

Blizzard Entertainment officially announced on its official website that the classic battlefield will be released on December 10th. Players will receive an update push from the server.

According to the official game schedule, the classic battlefield should face the players in the early 2020 with the Blackwind Nest raid. However, due to the demands and enthusiasm of the majority of players, they can't wait to experience the freshness and pleasure brought by the classic battlefield. Therefore, Blizzard Entertainment had to release some of them in advance to meet the players' requirements and keep the game hot. Not only the new version is released in advance, but also some activities held on ZZWOW. You can enjoy the highest 8% discount when you purchase World of Warcraft gold on zzwow!

On the 15th of the month, Blizzard Entertainment has pushed the latest update package to the majority of players. This update brings the classic version of the honor system, this system has won the praise of the majority of players. Not only that, the official plan to make more extensive improvements and adjustments to this system in the next month's update, to bring players the best gaming experience.

The honor system is roughly to launch a battle between the players and obtain honor points. When the honor points accumulate to a certain extent, they will rise to a certain level. Then you can use these points to buy things like mounts. However, this has also led to some headaches, that is, high-level players will continue to maliciously attack low-level players to get points.

For those different players, there is simply no motivation to play the game, especially for players close to level 60 (such as me). If your server has an unbalanced tribal/alliance population, then your gaming experience may be It's even worse, when the battlefield, players looking for honor points will have a more efficient and fun way to do this, doing something like trying to capture a flag instead of camping in the league's flight route.

"World of Warcraft: Classic" was released on August 26th, bringing this popular MMO back to its previous state. It shares the same subscriptions as the regular version of World of Warcraft, and the introduction of the classic version has greatly increased the number of players. If players choose the WOW Classic Boosting service, they will help them develop better in the game!

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