Cyber Diligence Must-have for your business security needs

Posted by Ariento Com on November 21st, 2019

Today the modern day businesses face serious dangers from the cyber domain. Thus it is imperative that businesses become proactive and conduct a cyber-security risk assessment. It focuses on identifying the threats and vulnerabilities that confront an organization's information assets. Cyber Diligence helps you understand where you’re vulnerable, the associated risks, and recommendations for what you can do about it.

Cyber diligence experts will evaluate your business using their proprietary framework:

  • Known Vulnerability Analysis
  • Technical Configuration Audit
  • Security Monitoring & Analysis
  • Behavioral Vulnerability Analysis
  • Legal, Compliance and Policy Review
  • Ethical Hacking Penetration Test

Cyber diligence satisfies all of the requirements including fulfill and industry or audit compliance requirement, learn working of IT team, improvement in IT team and more. Cybersecurity maturity model certification is of significance for the IT companies and with the results of a cyber-risk assessment in hand, business can decide to accept the risk, develop and uses deploy countermeasures or transfer the risk.

At the time when world is immersed in an enormous asymmetric threat environment that is enabled by an incalculable number of vulnerabilities, cyber security managed services come as a blessing. Cybercrime is growth industry has a low-risk with a high-pay off. The financial losses, due to data breaches, now exceed the dollar amount of the illegal global drug trade. Law enforcement, sadly, is unable to prevent cyber criminals from attacking your company. Organizations are largely dependent on their own team to protect their data. One of the few ways that a company can thwart cyber risks is to realistically assess its exposure and to implement controls that lower the chance of risks from being realized. Cyber security services that are managed by experts are must as regarded as a business process that requires precise managerial controls.

Organization can accomplish the cyber risk assessment starting with information assets first identified. Internal and external threats and vulnerabilities need to be realistically and objectively measured. The consequences of failing to offset risk needs to be understood. Existing policies, procedures and controls should be aligned with security best practices. Risk mitigation strategies, based upon organizational priorities, need to be adopted.

Ariento is your one stop shop for the reliability and security of your information technology (IT). At Ariento, the team is passionate to rid you of the technology burden so you can focus on what's truly important. With 30+ years of National Security Cyber & IT expertise (Military & Federal Govt) applied to your technology needs they have it at the highest levels of the U.S. military and federal government that they can apply for your business.

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