MagnaGrecia provides Organic olive oil and Imported Greek Honey

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Organic olive oil

Organic olive oil in the world is extracted from 150+ year old sandy-soil olive tree type and it is best finished olive oil.

Greece the birth place of the Olympic games is also known for the production of organic olive oil. The most suitable climate is found in Greece for harvesting the olive oil trees – Koroneiki.

Most recognised world’s healthiest oil is olive oil. Most of the researchers, concluded that a person who take olive oil on daily basis in their meal tend to have healthier and longer life span.

To know the quality of olive oil, remember that when we plucked olives straight from the tree the taste the slight bitter. Hence, any fresh, high-quality organic olive oil must be bitter, which we perceive on the tongue.

Olive oil is used in various purpose sech as to prevent heart diseases, cancer, and headaches. Some people use olive oil as cleanser or purifier for the skin. It can also be used in food as a cooking or salad oil.

The best olive oil in the world comes from the Koroneiki olive and MagnaGrecia provides this premium Greek olive oil to you with FDA inspected which is chemical free and no preservative are used.

Imported Greek Honey

The production of honey is done by honeybees which is sweet, golden coloured liquid. They collect the honey from the various flowers and take as a food and supplement of nutrients. Imported Greek honey is processed first by filtration because it comprises of various fragments which includes beeswax, parts of dead bees, and pollens and then undergoes various other techniques.

The utilisation of honey is been in a process from ancient time in the form of food and medicine. There are approximately 3000 varieties of honey is produced but the best and most imported is Greek honey.

Greece is most famous for producing and importing Greek honey because of its favourable climate conditions and the soil found at their mountainside. Wildflower honey produced by the Greece is sweeter in taste than others.

Imported Greek honey is also in demand for its extensive health benefits. From aiding in digestion, cough suppression, energy booster, high antioxidant presence, to a surplus of vitamins and minerals - it is natures golden gem. It is also rich in nutrient and have anti-microbial properties. Antioxidants present in honey are powerful immune-boosting compounds found in raw honey. These compounds protect your body from oxidation which is a degenerative process that can leave cells damaged and aged beyond their time.

Organic olive oil : You can experience the most premium wildflower honey on the market with the MagnaGrecia USDA certified organic Imported Greek Honey.

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