Types of Cinematic Stories With Uplifting Messages

Posted by Radmin on November 21st, 2019

Movies evoke various reactions. Some provoke emotions, while others stimulate critical thinking. There are also those that inspire viewers to find the strength they need to face life's challenges and improve themselves.

Whether you're down in the dumps, looking for motivation, or rediscovering yourself, these types of inspirational movies help uplift your spirits.

Stories About Personal Growth

While most movies only aim to entertain, some make you rediscover your virtues and the potential you have. Good Will Hunting is an excellent example. Matt Damon's Will Hunting is a young troublemaker who's also a mathematics wiz. Despite the best efforts of his teacher (played by the late great Robin Williams) to motivate him in striving for a better life, he's his own worst obstacle.

Some of the best Christian movies also touch on topics about personal growth. Consider looking them up online for your family night.

Underdog Stories

Everybody loves underdogs. At one point, people have been in that dreadful situation, whether it's standing up to neighborhood bullies or trying to get promoted.

Film history is peppered with great stories of underdogs, Rocky Balboa being one famous example. These are down-on-their-luck characters who somehow manage to beat the odds and make a better life for themselves, or at least improve their situation.

Although more common in sports movies, underdogs are also celebrated in other genres. The biographical drama Erin Brockovich, for example, focuses on a single mother who legally fought and won against a power company contaminating a city's water supply.

For those into music, 8 Mile and Pitch Perfect are cinematic stories of underdogs that are worth checking out as well.

Stories About Overcoming Adversities

In today's competitive world, it's not uncommon for people to get tired of trying and feel like giving up. Sometimes, an inspirational movie provides the nudge that one needs to keep going.

Forrest Gump and Life of Pi are examples of films featuring characters who overcome a series of challenges and live an extraordinary life. The Shawshank Redemption is also a brilliant movie about defying odds and reaching one's goals.

Films don't just entertain. They also elevate, move, and inspire the audience. It doesn't matter if you watch them at home or in a crowded theater, inspirational films, especially Christian movies, help you find yourself and kick-start your life again.

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