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Interactive whiteboards and projectors generate great enthusiasm among educators.

The interactive whiteboard is a hardware that looks like a standard whiteboard, but it is connected to computers and projectors in the classroom and becomes a very powerful tool.

Methods of using interactive whiteboards in class: Save lessons to present to absent students to create video files to teach software applications, lessons, or as comments posted to the server or web. Example-

How to create a chart in Excel or hoe to burn a project, using built-in maps to teach the mainland, the ocean, the country, or the country and the capital.

Presentations created by students or teachers allow students to create electronics

Folios includes samples of their works and narrationDigital story telling by using on-

Create project calendar teaching editing skills using edit marks during 6 feature writing use highlighter tools to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

Use it to guide students on how to navigate and write a book in class.

Use the recording function to describe the text.

Create classes in advance at home or at school using Interwrite software.

Then save them for future use, or share them with other teachers to draw activity maps for math problems.

These are the resources for some interactive whiteboards.

Some of them are specific brands, but these ideas can still be used by most brands.

We don\'t recommend a particular brand.

Some deaf teachers like smart boards because they block their signatures by writing on boards without a digital pen.

Some of the more portable systems, like Mimio and eBeam, are good for more temporary classrooms.

There are a lot of built-in ActivBoard-

Templates and resources;

But there may be more online resources for Smart Boards (at this time).

Many schools use interactive whiteboards instead of traditional whiteboards or wall charts.

They provide a way to show students anything that can be displayed on a computer desktop (

Educational software, website, etc).

The interactive whiteboard is a larger interactive display that connects the projector and computer.

The projector projects the computer desktop in the active area of the whiteboard.

The user operates the computer with a finger or pen.

Interactive whiteboards are usually wall-mounted.

They can put it on the floor.

Interactive whiteboards, as a substitute for traditional whiteboards or wall charts, are used in classrooms at all stages of education.

They communicate with the computer using a USB or serial port cable.

A Bluetooth device or RF device used to provide wireless communication.

Teachers can operate computer functions with their fingers or pens.

Using the software provided, teachers can write, draw, and annotate on an interactive whiteboard.

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