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Something related to drinking raw pu-erh

Posted by naturalpuerh on November 21st, 2019

In general, green puer which has been aged less than five years has a slightly bitter taste with a sweet aftertaste. As the tea ages, it becomes smooth, sweet, loses its bitterness, and the color changes from light yellow to amber color by years. It leaves a very smooth taste on the lips. 

Pu-erh tea is also divided into raw Pu-erh tea and cooked Pu-erh tea, which have different tastes from raw tea and cooked tea. So what are the taboos with Pu-erh tea?

1. Avoid the tea water temperature is too low:
Pu-erh tea is a natural Pu-erh tea that has not been processed, and it is also reduced in the process of processing. The water temperature of brewing raw Pu-erh tea should not be too low. It must be brewed with boiling water to soak the raw Pu-erh tea, otherwise it may have bitter taste.

2. Avoid drinking too much:
It’s not good to drink too much, and raw Pu-erh tea can't drink too much. Many people think that Pu-erh tea has some good effects, so excessive drinking would not achieve good results. In fact, it is not easy to drink too much raw Pu-erh tea, because the raw Pu-erh tea is a proper amount of whole fermented tea. Raw Pu-erh tea should not be drunk too much for a long time, which will cause some side effects to the stomach, but if you are a friend who loves Pu-erh tea, it is a good idea to take turns to drink.

3. Avoid drinking right away:
Because the raw Pu-erh tea is the relationship of the whole fermented tea, there will be some dust residue on the tea, so it is best not to drink the raw Pu-erh tea that you bought. You can put it for a while and then drink it. It is best to wash the tea once after brewing, so that it is more hygienic. If you just drink raw Pu-erh tea, it may cause nerves to be highly excited and flustered. Because the new raw Pu-erh tea contains unoxidized substances, it is best to place Pu-erh tea for one year before drinking.

4. It is forbidden to add other things:
Many friends like to eat the same thing, but also add other things to think that this can enhance the taste and effect. But also to add suitable things, it is best not to add other things when drinking Pu-erh tea, especially some cassia seed or diarrhea and other things that promote weight loss, Pu-erh tea has a weight loss effect, can not be mixed with weight loss products .

5. Avoid too many brewing times:
The general raw Pu-erh tea is brewed with boiling water and can only be brewed for up to eight times. However, no matter how strong the raw Pu-erh tea is, the fragrance will be reduced because of the number of brewing, so we don't want to repeatedly brew many times because of saving tea. Repeated brewing many times will also have a bad effect on the human body. Here, I would like to remind everyone that if the tea soup that is brewed when brewing raw Pu-erh tea produces water taste, it is necessary to extend the next brewing time.

6. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach:
It can be said that it is best not to drink all the teas on an empty stomach. Of course, raw Pu-erh tea is no exception. The caffeine and caffeine substances in raw Pu-erh tea are stronger than those of cooked Pu-erh tea. If you drink on an empty stomach, it may cause chest tightness, dizziness or palpitation. Raw Pu-erh tea also has a strong liposuction and oil removal effect, which may cause paralysis or weakness.

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