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Posted by JessicaRhodes on November 22nd, 2019

Depression is the silent villain destroying souls and people’s lives in the 21st Century. Depression hits people of all ages and nationalities, it has not mercy on teenagers and is very hard on elderly. Surprisingly, depressive thoughts affect physical health and produce a negative effect on human body functions. Mental poison, anxiety affect hormonal system, lead to heart diseases, migraines, obesity and productivity swings. Do you want to stay productive and successful? Do you want to feel great on a daily basis? You want to start from your head first! Clear your head, free your mind and then return to your projects fresh and inspired! Unfortunately, many believe it is difficult to fight depressive conditions without a therapist. Those of you who do not have money for therapy can resort to alternative treatment methods that involve color and music therapy. Anything that keeps your mind away from negative thoughts and destructive ideas is a perfect tool for fighting depression and anxiety. Music is surely one of the top medicines you can get for free wherever and whenever you want. Just press play and enjoy your favorite music video and song by Jaye. Young uprising star presenting new music video called Tomorrow – this song depicts common emotional issues of a person living in the era of technology. Fight depression and anxiety to the sounds of this new hit track!

How does music heal your mind and soul? Not that it sends positive vibes only! The healing effect is due to lyrics as well. Those of you who wished for a therapy session, you can get into therapist’s chair and listen to another patient’s life story. In his new music video Jaye plays the role of Joker from the infamous Suicide Squad to bring out the concept of modern life and emotional issues millions of people go through under the influence of depressive thoughts. Jaye drinks wine out of a bottle, jams in his stylish Joker costume and projects his deep philosophic ideas through spiky and ironic lines. Follow the link to check out Tomorrow track by talented Jaye.
Music will heal you soul if you pick the right track. Tomorrow is one of those songs you want to listen when your girlfriend dumped you or you got fired from your new work place. Bad things happen in life and it is important to find easy ways to cope with temporary struggles. Listen to original track by Jaye to free your mind of worries and set your fears free.
Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvPAlzLYfzQ 

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