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As outdoor furniture adds to perfect touch to a landscaped yard. You can place under your favorite place provide a place to sir to relax. Garden benches and other furniture can be made from a range of materials.   The garden benches are made from a variety of materials when you are choosing to buy furniture its important to choose a wood that is durable and weather resistant. 

Here’s a look I share with you some of the most durable and attractive natural woods.


If you are concerned about sustainability and eco-friendly, acacia is a good choice. The tree grows in any part of the world that they often considered an invasive species. Acacia is the durable hardwood that can withstand the element many people use it for boat building and for patio furniture. Proper care also required otherwise it may cause the wood to discolor.


There are two types of woods western cedar and northern cedar render these woods resistant to both insects. Cedar is a lightweight wood and it is also durable and easy to move from one place to another. Cedar is all ways a good choice if you would like your bench to match your house. It also cost less maintenance over time and if you left didn’t take care it will become rough over the period of time.
Keep that in mind the cedar is rather soft so it gets scratches and dents easily because it is not a hardwood like teak. Cedarwood easily retains the moisture it will not get creak as compared to other woods.  


When it comes to cypress is more preservative as compared to both rot and insect resistant. Cypress is a very strong wood that can stay fresh without a coat of oil or something. Like cedar, cypress also weathers to a silver Gary over time when left unfinished. Cypress is also one of the strong wood. Purchasing while cypress might be a good choice for your outdoor furniture. It is not easy to buy a scarcity of mature trees.    
Read wood

Read wood tress is very limited in the country because they grow very showily that they are limited in supply. Read wood is always used for outdoor furniture as long as majestic trees remain.
Redwood is durable and weather resistant and it is also naturally resistant. When it comes to redwood it is the most valued point is their stability and tendency not to shrink nor warp. wood is also really soft it may cause dents and scratches for the prevention of redwood you can apply a coat of clear sealer.  

When it comes it has been count among the genus name as compared to other species of trees. Some of the more interesting trees name as meranti, lauan. Although it grows in the Asian rainforest. sis a sustainable wood and also it is less expansive as compared to teak. Shorea is durable and can easily hold the rough treatment of daily use and inclement weather. Shorea lumber is also resistant to both insects and rot. You can be treading it annually with oil to avoid any sort of damage. 

Teak wood is the most used wood for outdoor furniture. When it comes to feature teak wood is repels water, doesn’t shrike or swell and it also amounts the stronger wood. the teak secret lies under the tight grain and natural oils. Teak oil helps the wood to maintain wood beauty. Because of the durability and other feature nowadays teak wood is always high in price.

Choosing a durable exterior wood

When you are planning to buy the furniture from outdoor, it is really important to keep in mind that the darker color always overheats, found nearer the center of the tree. Always choose the right type of wood that’s is right for your outdoor furnishing. Ones you finalized the budget and sustainability of furniture it’s time to take over.

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