Which has higher torque? nema 17 or nema 23?

Posted by wokoudki53 on November 22nd, 2019

I recently replaced my generic 6mm chinese belts with some 10mm wide glass fiber reinforced belts to greatly reduce ghosting/ringing. and now I want to replace the cheap chinese nema 17 motors.I have on my x and y axis with something with more power so I can increase my acceleration and print speed without worrying about possibly skipping steps. my current motors are rated to produce around 35-40 oz-in of holding torque @1.7A.


or possibly getting a generic 45mm nema 23 off ebay such as this one according to the spec sheet both motors produce about the same holding torque and require the same current. the only difference is that the e3d ones ship faster and I won't have to redesign my motor mounts but they cost about more each after shipping, the nema 23 motors are cheaper but they take about 3X longer to ship and I would have to make new mounting brackets. I'm having some trouble deciding which to get and was hoping for some other peoples opinions on which I should consider going for or suggest some alternatives. im currently leaning towards the e3d motors because they would arrive before I start university and I could install them before my classes start, but I'm hesitant to get them because of their increased cost.

I am aware that 114 oz-in of holding torque is likely more than i need but i have a somewhat heavy print head and heated bed and I would like to print faster with higher acceleration if possible. my bed is a 250mm x 250mm x 6mm aluminum plate and my printer uses 3 v6 clones and their heatsinks add quite a bit more weight than the original hotends. my current motors struggle to print any faster than ~55 mm/s without starting to skip steps on medium-large prints

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