What Are The Attributes Of A Good Proposal Planner

Posted by Adam Leworthy on November 22nd, 2019

You will become a successful proposal planner Sydney when you know the difference between one who is willing to lead and the one who just thinks about him. Following are the attributes of a good proposal planner:

  • Your team will look up to you for the strategy and the plan of action. As the man of the hour, it is you who will have to take the crucial decision and guide your team accordingly. In the filed of construction, it is very important to have all the data and relevant information so that you can formulate the strategy without any problem. Listen to the members of your team. Since you will be delegating work to them, you should depend on them and trust them with the information they share.
  • As the team leader it is your duty to make sure that all the team members get along. You need to show them what accountability and credibility looks like. Try and forge a bond between all the members so that all of them derive the enthusiasm to work together. Your role does not end with assigning them their work. When they fail or lack motivation, it is your duty to pitch in and show them the way. When you throw challenges at them, they will show the will to work it out.
  • As you are the middleman between the company and your team members, you need to be the process expert who will be able to build the relationship between the two segments. If you are not happy with the findings and think that your company should not invest on the project then say so. It does not matter whether your company would have make millions out of it or not. If there is something illegal in the land you should go ahead and explain it to your boss. Now it may happen that your boss loses his cool and takes out the brunt on you and your team. As the team leader you should stand between them and face the brunt so that you team members don’t get dejected and demotivated for doing their work.
  • Involve your team in the decision making process. Ask them to suggest ways and means in which the strategy could be formulated in a different way. Make them feel involved. Let them share their creativity so that you too can learn from them. It has to be a two way street.
  • And finally you should be able to relax with your team. If you work hard, you should know how to party harder as well. Always remember that exhaustive teams cannot write good proposals and strategies. Only when they are relaxed will they be able to deliver.

Are you a proposal planner Sydney? What is your strategy? How do you work and inspire your team? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. And if you are someone looking for a proposal planner then you need to contact us.

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