The Fire Signs of the Zodiac: 5 Dominant Traits

Posted by Andy on November 22nd, 2019

The Fire Signs of the Zodiac: 5 Dominant Traits

The fire signs of the zodiac are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Each sign is fire incarnate, embodying dominant traits and characteristics that the fire element possesses.

If you have a fire sign in your life, you might be familiar with their larger than life personalities and head-on qualities.

But if not, now is the best time to get to know the fire signs of the zodiac.

Here are five of the many faces of the Aries, Leo and Sagittarius sun signs.

1. They crave freedom.

People born under the fire sign love their freedom. They live life independently, bending and turning only to their whims and goals.

They don’t appreciate being restricted or micro-managed. You have to trust a fire sign and let him/her go wherever and do as he/she pleases. Otherwise, these feisty individuals will pull away from you.

2. They are warm and loving.

There’s a common misconception about fire signs: they have no emotions. That is false of course as fire signs are actually very passionate, loving people!

Arians, Leos and Sagittarians are warm, loving and generous people but only to those they care about. If you’re not close to them, they will most likely appear stand-offish but that’s just because they don’t want to reveal their true self just yet.

3. They’re gifted with a sixth sense.

The fire sign triplicity is blessed with intuition. These are the type of people who do things mainly due to gut feel and instincts.

The amazing thing is, their sixth sense is often spot on! They are excellent at seizing opportunities, satiating their strong desire to succeed in life.

4. They put up a strong image.

If you’ve ever met a fire sign, you know how dominant he/she can appear to be. These people are born leaders, motivators, influencers and inspirations. They have to appear capable and powerful to be effective at what they do.

But at the end of the day when the mask falls off, these people reveal a soft, warm side to them. Just like fire, they provide warmth and comfort to family and close friends.

5. They’re experts at having fun.

Fire signs have a zest for life that makes them allergic to the boring and the mundane. They live each day knowing that they’ll find something exciting and new to keep the fire burning.

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