plastic grass or planting sod?

Posted by sere on November 22nd, 2019

Which grass works best for your landscape editor: Photos of Jane Gates, so you want a lawn, but you\'re not sure what\'s the best way to use grass or grow turf for years. The only synthetic lawn available looks like plastic grass But with the popularity of grass, people can now choose from some very realistic artificial grass flats designed for sports venues. Some are used to put green and some are used to fool anyone who thinks you have the perfect green sward without having to pay for the mowerand-blowers\'. There has been a lot of discussion going back and forth about the interests and responsibility of each lawn. Some people choose to change the lawn completely. Other people want the lawn. So, which one is better, the real thing or the artificial thing is how the comments about the false grass or the planting of the turf are produced. Planting turf will give you a live grass that will help balance air pollution. Artificial lawns do not help air pollution at all. This can only be a factor if a large area of lawn is considered. The real lawn is not so expensive to buy, it is more natural without a doubt. However, it does need to be cut, fed, watered, inflated and treated if it is attacked by a fungal infection or a pest. It also burns due to chemical spills or dog urine. Natural grass is softer and less likely to cause any scratches if dropped on it. There is no need to water grass, so it will greatly reduce water and waste. However, I do need to clean it regularly in order to keep it clean so that it is not completely water --free. Synthetic lawn requires much lower maintenance and will not be destroyed by ugly death Bald spots or damage caused by fungi, rodents, insects or spills. If you want it to look good over time, it must be placed properly. The installation of the artificial lawn is more costly, but due to the lack of maintenance, it will be rewarded in the next few years. There are already many health problems and tests regarding lead, cadmium and other toxic ingredients in lawns. But if you buy a premium synthetic lawn produced by a reputable manufacturer, these issues should not be a factor. There are many certified artificial grass producers that offer very safe products. So you see the pros and cons of both kinds of grass. It comes down to why it is suitable for your needs. Smaller area, especially picky space, like backyard Green, may benefit more from the lawn. A sunny place for kids to play better on the real grass. Weighing the interests and responsibility of price, appearance, feeling, maintenance, ecology Friendly and your own way of life needs to see which garden is right for you.

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