5 Steps To Overcome Social Anxiety:

Posted by Juanes Garza on November 22nd, 2019

If you wish to succeed with women, but struggle with social anxiety, then this article is for you.

First, take a few minutes, and think about how you would overcome social anxiety?

Good! because that’s exactly what social anxiety is, it’s being stuck inside of a shell, and not because you are naturally like that.


In this article, you will gain the knowledge, and practice to overcome social anxiety, and become a confident outgoing man, especially in regards to meeting women.
Step 1: Accept That It’s Not Easy:

Getting out of your shell won’t be easy.  

You must accept, that overcoming social anxiety is a process that will be challenging.

Once aware of this fact, you will gain one of the main success keys which is awareness, because being aware of the problem is the first step towards facing yourself.  

Facing yourself means that you are now willing to observe the parts within you, that’s keeping you inside of a bubble.  

Step 2: Find A Running Buddy:

Social anxiety is fear, many feel tense, uncomfortable, etc to the point that they can’t mingle, and some gets to a such a handicapped point, that they won’t even bother going out.  

They accept it, saying things like “I’m busy” or “ I don’t like social gatherings”

However, to get practice breaking the bubble, going out with an outgoing friend, will make things so much easier for you.  

The practice is simply to mirror what your friend does.

He goes to the bar, you follow, he goes to the bathroom, you follow, etc

Just play monkey see, monkey do for a while.

Once you observe your friend going about a good time, you’ll start to see the bubble, and begin breaking out of it.

Step 3: Simple Tricks To Gain Confidence:

Scenario, you’re at a party with a friend, and observing what he does, you see your friend mingling in a crowd, and make your way to join him: at this point, practice posture exercises like:

⁃    Smiling: smiling projects delight and confidence that’ll help make you feel better about yourself.

    ⁃    Stand And Walk Proud: as if you were the owner of the place, pretend it’s your party.

    ⁃    Choose A Male Role Model: that you admire like George Clooney, Steve McQueen, or whoever, and mimic their style.

Good posture will produce a demeanor that’ll make you feel more confident, and you’ll seem more confident on the outside.

This practice will help you to get out of yourself.

Remember that social anxiety is rooted in extreme self centeredness.

Just think about it like this: you are at a party, so what? what is the grand ordeal?   

Take a look around, yes people are mingling, and dancing with a partner or alone, there is all kinds of activities going on, but notice that the whole party is not centered on you.  

Now, ask yourself why do you have social phobia? and you should get a glimpse, how you are stuck inside of a bubble.

Once you have realize, that you’re just a spec of the party, you’ll rise into that fact, and over time will feel more secure.  

Make it your business to go to a social event and focus on eating lots, and then at another event, to stroll around like it’s your party, and then add to each event, by asking someone if they are having a good time, etc

These little exercises will help you to make remarkable progress.

Step 4: Dealing With Rejection:

Going to a social event, and getting rejected can dampen the whole night for a person with social anxiety, but not if you already know that rejection is normal.  

Not every party is going to be a blast, and not every person is going to take delight in you, so you gotta work it out, to go with the flow either way.

Pre plan to have it clear in your head, that at many social events, you will feel out of place, and be ok with that.

Practice approaching a few girls, already having it in mind, that they will reject you, thinking to yourself, and so what?  

This little psych trick works in many ways, one way is that it’s just a fact, that many get rejected, and 2nd, you’ll get used to being rejected, and it won’t be a big deal.

You’ll learn to lower your expectations, and not get offended by rejection plus you’ll be surprised, at how many will “not reject you”  

The ultimate solution is go willing to be of service, go prepared to help somehow, organizing the tables, chairs, cleaning etc, even if it’s not needed, go with the spirit to help.

True Story:

I recently went to a dinner cruise, and while in line to serve myself, a girl in front of me had a hard time picking up the strawberries, so I handed her the proper utensil, so that she can pick up multiple strawberries, she was so delighted for the help, and that one moment, opened me up for the rest of the night.  


Step 5: Lead The Way:  

If you wish to be the confident, outgoing type, who can mingle anywhere, and have no problem flirting with women, then there is no better way to get there than by mastering these steps.

A master at anything is willing to teach, and just as you modeled after your friend to help you to overcome anxiety, you can now be the one to help others.

We all have shy friends, and It feels so awesome helping others pull out of their shell.   

You will already know, that when it comes to approaching women, or having a general good time, that there is no such thing as "failure" and this concept will help you to say good bye to social anxiety.

Life has no limits! Just Go For It!

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