Save Energy in Your Kitchen With These Energy Efficient Techniques

Posted by Pure Eco Homes on November 23rd, 2019

Kitchens are one of the best places to begin saving energy to make your home energy efficient. It has been evident that maximum use of energy is from the kitchen from all the different equipment also due to excessive use of water. Therefore, to minimise the excessive use of energy at your home, you must follow some energy-saving techniques.

Given below are some of the energy-efficient techniques to save energy at your kitchen:

Energy-Efficient Ways For Dishwashing

You need to follow some efficient washing techniques whether you are hand washing the dishes or using a dishwasher, as the usage of water has an impact on your entire energy bill. By making minimal adjustments, you can save a lot on the bill. Efficient dishwashing ways include:

  • Properly loading The Dishes: Placing the dishes in an appropriate way will ensure that there are no excess foods on them. If you place the dishes inwards, then they will be cleaned properly as the dishwashers spray soap water from the middle, and they will be washed properly without any wastage of water.
  • Use Reasonable Amount Of Soapy Water: When washing the dishes with your hand, make sure to use a reasonable amount of soapy water, so that even if you do not have enough space in the sink, you can use one bin. This will be an efficient way of running the tap throughout the dishwashing process. For more suggestions, you can consult a certified energy-efficient home builder in Melbourne

Energy-Saving Techniques For Refrigeration

Refrigerators are one of the biggest energy consumers in a kitchen. You need to use proper energy-saving techniques to make your fridge more energy-efficient, and that will help in maintaining energy efficiency in the kitchen. Apply the following energy-efficient ways to save energy on fridges:

  • Keep Your Fridge Full Up To 2/3rds: Whenever you open the door of your fridge immense amount of cold air is lost, for which your fridge needs to work all over again to make up for the loss. Hence, it is better to keep your fridge full till 2/3rd, so that maximum cold air is absorbed by the products even if you open the door.
  • Clean The Fridge’s Condenser Coil: By cleaning the condenser coil of your fridge, you will help your fridge to use 15% less energy. This contributes to the energy-efficient use of your refrigerator.

Appropriate Eco-Friendly Ways To Use An Oven

The oven is another energy-consuming appliance of your kitchen. However, you can use the following ways to save energy when using an oven:

  • Cleaning The Oven Regularly: Perform regular checks of the oven seal to ensure that it is still in proper shape. If the seal of your oven becomes loose, then it can increase the effort of your oven to run on the set temperature.
  • Stop Peeking: If you frequently pause and check the oven, then it can lead to wastage of energy. Approximately 25 degrees is lost every time you open the door. Hence, avoid this habit to save energy.

Last Verdict!

Hence, these are some of the conservation methods used in the kitchen that will contribute to an energy-efficient home. Furthermore, you should contact a professional energy efficient house builder for using more eco-friendly ways to save energy at your house.

Author’s Bio:- The author "Pure Eco Homes" is a certified energy-efficient home builder in Melbourne for several years. For learning more about conservation methods used in the kitchen and other areas of homes to make them environment-friendly homes refer to the author’s page.

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