A Next-Gen mobile app to help employees enjoy multiple benefits on-the-go

Posted by Diksha Sharma on November 25th, 2019

The digital age can also be referred to as the smart age with the emergence of numerous smartphones and more than five million apps across the world. 

It is incredibly advantageous for organisations to keep up with the current technologies in the digital sphere. The innovations can turn out as a great help in streamlining processes, providing employee benefits as well as stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, it helps to improve customer services, allows efficient and better work.

Recognizing employees and motivating them for the good work is a regular practice at every organization as it is directly linked to the performance of the department and the company. It allows employers to meet company’s goals which can be challenging without a dedicated workforce.

Several product and service-based companies provide an array of solutions to give out digital employee benefits, rewards and corporate gifts with ease and convenience. One such name is Sodexo India that offers various innovative solutions such as Meal Pass, Multi Benefit Pass and the Sodexo Premium Pass. 

All the solutions by Sodexo can be easily managed with an app which is useful for various purposes. The card user can easily track and manage all the Sodexo benefits on the go, including paying bills, making payments, shopping online, fund transfer, reimbursements, giving gifts, fuel etc. Furthermore, the best part about this next-gen app is that the employer can issue all the employee benefits, rewards and gifts through the Sodexo Zeta app in a fast and seamless manner. 

Here are some of the benefits of the next-gen App:

1.EASE AND CONVENIENCE: Cardholders can manage their transaction history and track spends easily. They can access and manage multiple benefits on-the-go with just a click. 

2. DYNAMIC PIN: In case the cardholder forgets the card pin, they can easily generate a new card pin using the app on the smartphone or desktop by simply using the dynamic SuperPIN. There is no need for employees to remember multiple PINs since the Dynamic Pin can be refreshed every 2 minutes and be used for transactions. This brings in added ease and convenience for employees making them happier and more productive at work. 

3. DISCOVER DEALS AND DISCOUNTS: Employees get access to exclusive deals and discounts, for great savings and added delight on the next-gen mobile app. Employees can enjoy multiple benefits on -the-go.

4. SECURE TRANSACTIONS: The Sodexo Zeta app is super secure as it is built with multiple layers of security and encryption to keep the data and money secure. Enables employees to make secure payments using multiple payment modes available on the Sodexo-Zeta App like QR Code, Shop ID and Zeta Code. For added security, card can be blocked and unblocked with just a tap leading to safe management of the digital cards. 

5. LOCATE MERCHANTS: Employees can easily access the merchant directory on the app and can locate the nearest one to them on the move.

6. REAL TIME NOTIFICATIONS: Be it merchant discounts or exclusive deals, users get all notifications in real time on the next-gen app. 

Employers can experience increased enrollment completions, higher engagement and retention rates with employee benefit apps. It makes employee benefits information easier to access, which allows employers to interact with their workforce in a much more meaningful way.

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