WoW created a terrible creature in 2007: Death Bear

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on November 25th, 2019

World of Warcraft is a fantasy-style MMORPG, where you can see all the creatures you have imagined or learned in the novel - such as the legendary dragon, the huge fire element, and the giant that can carry people to fly Eagle and so on. They all look very powerful, but in fact there is a beast in the history of World of Warcraft that is enough to make them fear, because countless players have been killed by it, it is the Death Bear of the Arathi Highlands. Just saying this name, I have already felt the coming of death.

Maybe you think you have enough understanding of the bear. Bears will stand and attack with strong forelimbs, and they will make loud screams in anger, and they will hibernate for a few months in the winter - to save energy. But the death bear in World of Warcraft is so different that it appears in a Twitter thread about memorable video game bugs. World of Warcraft released its first expansion in 2007: the Burning Crusade, and the developers found this frightening beast when testing new content, and when you saw it, you ushered in the inevitable death. fate.

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Generally speaking, in any MMORPG, all enemies and monsters can be defeated, and the death bear breaks this unstoppable law. If a player dares to walk in and challenge it, they will basically die in a breathing time, even if he has the best armor and shield. Blizzard game designer Joe Magdalena explains this: The emergence of the death bear is a purely digital problem. Its ability to kill players quickly in a short period of time depends primarily on its super high attack speed.

The developer checked all the battle records of the dead bear, including the process of killing hundreds of players. They saw that each attack of the bear can only cause 1 or 2 damage to the player, but it is incredibly The player's death was caused in a short time. They then checked the bear's statistics and found that their attack speed was set to 0.002 instead of the original 2.0. In other words, it can perform 500 attacks in 1 second. For any creature in the game, this attack speed is unimaginable.

“A lot of development is done in spreadsheets and databases, likely this was simply a typo,” said Magdalena. “A misplaced decimal creating an unspeakable terror!”

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