Why advertising on TV is great for any brand today

Posted by Aditi Singh on November 25th, 2019

The truth is that TV advertisements influence purchasing decisions of a majority of people around the globe. So when it comes to commercial ads production, forgetting television is foolish. As a brand that is being built, it is important to use this fine medium of communicating with the target audience. Today, there are other mediums of advertising like social medial and internet, but the TV rules.

Grabbing eyeballs

It is easy for TV to grab eyeballs considering there are so many people watching it day in and day out. For brands this means a better way to reach a larger audience in the shortest time possible. Watching TV is an activity that most people indulge in everyday and many watch several hours of it daily. Also, research has shown that more people are likely to buy something after they have seen an ad for it on TV than people who have seen an ad online or on any other medium. The radio of course does not compare in present times for the simple reason that there are more local radio stations which cater to smaller populations. For local businesses, this is great, but for larger ones looking to make a mark, the TV is a much better idea.

Choosing target audience

With commercial ads production for TV, it is very much possible for brands to find and target their audience. For example, if it is a toy company whose target audience happens to be children, putting ads on TV during weekend morning cartoons is a smart thing to do. For women-centric and household products, a great time for TV ads is during afternoon daily soaps where homemakers are the ones who watch a lot of television. For high-end products such as laptops and smartphones, prime-time TV is the best segment to advertise on because one is trying to target people who work jobs and are free in the evenings.

In the spotlight

Making TV ads with the help of a corporate video production company in Delhi also lets brands be in the spotlight, even if only for a few seconds at a time. It may not seem much, but TV ads bring the spotlight with ease on companies that are trying to capture market share. This is because the television is able to captivate people and this is where it wins big-time. Internet and social media ads do not get the spotlight because users are doing multiple things at the same time.  But with TV, it is easy to grab the attention of a lot of people for some time.

Brings trust

Hiring a corporate video production company in Delhi for TV ad production also brings a high level of trustworthiness to a brand. People usually believe what they see on TV and they are much more likely to trust TV ads than they are likely to trust ads on any other medium.

Using TV ads effectively can be a wonderful way for a brand to increase market share and revenue.

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