What Is The Right Age To Start IAS Preparation? Grab The Pro Details!!!

Posted by Michael on November 25th, 2019

Getting into the civil services is the dream of millions of students. Both men and women are equally interested to be on this post. Well, some of the students get confused and are known of the right age to start their prep for the UPSC examination. It is all dependent over the individual’s interest.  The ideal age to start for the prep of the IAS prep is when you have the queries regarding the civil services. Here we are discussing the accurate age for  the preparation of the IAS.  You can get guidance from the different Expert talk on Habits for IAS Aspirantswhich will be helpful for you to perceive the essential traits.

  • IAS prep at the age of 16

Well we are helping you to know the how well you can prepare if you start your coaching at the age of sixteen. If you belong to the family  of civil servants then here is a possibility that you can prepare at the early age of the 16. You can actually start after the 10 boards to prepare for your dream job within the civil services. According to the Expert talk on Habits for IAS Aspirantsexplains that if you start preparing for the IAS at the early age then you get good enough time to learn more and prepare better about the UPSC exam. Also it will help those students in building their intelligent quotient level easily as they can set a strong foundation which is required for you to being an IAS aspirant

  • IAS prep at the age of 18

When thinking of the ideal age of prep of the IAS exam then it is better to start at the age of the 18. Most of the students start their prep at this age as it is  the standard age which is helpful for an individual to understand the sensitive topics that are necessary to understand within the studies of the IAS aspirant. After completing the secondary education it is necessary for you to have the optimal choice of choosing your subjects in which you have optimal interest. You can go those subjects which are helpful in the prep of the UPSC examination. It is better to choose such subjects which can help you to cope with the huge syllabus for the UPSC IAS examination. Once you have completed your three or four year graduation then reaching at the age of 21 years to 22 years you can now easily apply for the UPSC examination.

The bottom line

According to the Expert talk on Habits for IAS Aspirants, its not the syllabus that you need to qualify for the UPSC examination but it is the mental capability and learning power which can assist you in answering.

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