4 Benefits of Infant Swimming Classes

Posted by ortegalaw on November 25th, 2019

Swimming is a natural act for many; children often learn how to swim before they reach of age of 10. There’s even a modern trend towards learning to swim much earlier, as even infants are now being taught the skill through infant swim classes that provide exposure to the water in a safe, controlled environment.

But are classes at an infant swim school in Santa Monica right for every child? After all, some have an aversion to water, and in some cases, parents are skittish about beginning swim classes at such an early age. However, there are many great reasons that infants benefit immensely from exposure to swim classes at a young age. Keep reading to learn a few of the advantages that infant swim classes can provide to your little one.

Enhanced Safety

Though it’s something many parents would rather not consider, the presence of water in a pool or tub can increase the risk of an infant drowning. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children, and early exposure to swimming can help mitigate that risk somewhat. Even if children only learn how to safely float and resist the urge to panic if unexpectedly immersed, the chances of surviving a potentially dangerous water-related situation increase.

Improved Cognitive Function

Another little-known benefit of infant swimming class is that they can impact the cognitive function of children significantly. Movements that involve both sides of a baby’s body help the brain grow and develop. That development can increase coordination and physical awareness, but it can also lead to advantages down the road such as better communication ability, expedited language development, and better academic performance in future years.

More Social Skills

Kids who learn to swim at an early age also seem to possess additional self-confidence and better social skills when compared to their peers who weren’t involved in swimming. Most swimming classes include interaction between classmates, which teaches kids to negotiate social situations and deal with other children in a positive manner. Those outcomes also bolster self-confidence and provide kids with an ability to overcome new challenges and feel at home in social settings.

Develops Strength and Coordination

Swimming is important for infants because it provides an excellent low-impact way for babies to develop muscle. Water provides resistance, which is excellent for building strength in infants in a way that won’t stress their still-developing joints and tissues. It also increases coordination as a child learns how to use the machinery of the human body to propel themselves forward.

If you're the parent of an infant, consider enrolling your child in an infant swim school in Santa Monica. The benefits go well beyond learning a new skill set. Swim lessons can help your child develop physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.


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