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Knowing About Various Kinds Of Prayer Malas And About Gurkha Khukuri

Posted by nepalbazaartrade on November 25th, 2019

A Prayer mala is used by the Buddhist to concentrate on their prayers and also focus on one’s awareness. These malas has 108 beads in it. The head bead is known as guru bead or sumeru. One mala comprises of 100 recitations of mantras. For ensuring proper concentration, there are 8 additional recitations which need to be done.

Meaning of a guru bead

People use a mala which has 108 beads in it with a special three holed finishing bead which is known as Buddha head. These malas have an additional marker heads which may or may not be counted which divides the mala into quadrants that represents a relationship between the teacher and a student.

For using the mala, you start counting from the bead followed by the guru bead and when you reach the guru bead that means it signifies that you have reached the end of the one round in the cycle of mantra. Once you complete the prayer, then you start in the reverse order by flipping the mala. People believed that you do not cross over the guru head as a sign of respect.

Technique of holding and using the mala

The mala is gently held in the left hand with respect and gentleness. Start reciting the mantra by holding in the left hand from the guru bead in the clockwise direction by using your thumb to move the beads. For each mantra count one bead.

Different types of beads for the mala

  •  Bodhiseed Beads: They are made from the seeds of the Bodhi tree to promote awareness and concentration. They are usually used for the recitation of mantras and for meditation purpose.
  •  Lotus Seed Beads: They are usually used in providing cooling effect and to improve the financial condition while chanting mantras by using the lotus seeds.
  •  Sandalwood Beads: They also help in providing cooling and medicinal properties by increasing tranquillity positivity.
  •  Parad Metal Beads: They have been in use from the ancient times for various medical and religious purposes and also help in bringing success and purity. It helps in curing diabetes, reducing heart diseases and also helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  •  Crystal Beads: They help in eliminating negative influences and help you with cysts and cellulite when these beads are used for meditation.

About Gurkha khukuri

The Gurkha khukuri is the national weapon of Nepal. It serves as a symbol of prestige, wealth and social status. It has not only been a weapon of war but also a tool that is used by the men from various communities in Nepal and also loves to keep one with them. It is a really cool knife that has a variety of features which is used as an everyday tool to being a part of the soldier’s equipment. The shape of the khukuri varies from curved to straight. The dimension of it varies depending on the task it is to be used for. It can vary from 18 inches to 2 pounds. It is also used in weddings for performing many rituals.  

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