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Popularly known as the ‘Land of High Passes’, the Union Territory of Ladakh is a treat for wandering eyes. With stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, Ladakh entices travellers from around the world.

Ladakh tour packages are in fact gift baskets filled with unique experiences. Before we jump right into the description of Ladakh’s beauty, a word of caution! Due to the high altitude (over 3,000 metres), you’d need some time to acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness and breathing irregularity.

There are many unique aspects of Ladakh that will make your trip a unique and memorable experience.


The thin density of human population has kept Ladakh’s natural beauty intact. The lakes of Ladakh are so clear that you can see the pebbles at the bottom of the lakes from the surface.

Some of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh include Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Yarab Tso, Mirpal Tso, and Kiagar Tso. ‘Tso’ in the local language means lake. Some of these lakes have become shooting locations for many Bollywood films and songs.


The Magnetic Hill located near the city of Leh is famous among travellers for appearing to defy gravity. In fact, it is a Cyclops hill which has surrounding slopes around a valley that create the appearance of a hill.

The hill road is actually a downhill road but the slopes make it look like an uphill road. Objects and cars may appear to roll up the hill on the hill road against gravity but when they are actually rolling down the hill. This unique natural optical illusion attracts travellers from around the world.


Have you ever wanted to go to the moon and see how the land looks? Well, Ladakh offers you something close. Known for offbeat destinations, Ladakh has probably the most interesting terrain on Earth called Moonland.

The highlight of your Ladakh trip would be visiting Moonland on a full moon night and witnessing a sight almost out of this world.

  1.       A SLICE OF TIBET

The landscape of Ladakh is quite similar to that of Tibet. The cultural exchange between the two regions has a long history. The influence of Tibetan culture is prominent in the architecture and culture throughout Ladakh.

The Royal Leh Palace is a symbol of the glory of the erstwhile royal family; the Buddha statue at the back of the palace adds to the beauty of the site. Famous for its spellbinding sunsets and sunrises, the Shanti Stupa in Leh is home to the relics of Lord Buddha and is one of the most revered places for Buddhists.

Ladakh has many more significant Buddhist monasteries that highlight its cultural richness. Some of the famous ones are Thiksey Gompa, Diskit Monastery, Likir Monastery; and the famous Hemis Monastery.


People of Ladakh are nature lovers and this fact is evident in their annual celebration of the Indus River. The auspicious event of Sindhu Darshan is a three-day festival where natives pay their gratitude to the river for maintaining harmony and peace among all communities in the valley.

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