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Posted by Tsoralhealth on November 25th, 2019

It is a fact that oral health is not given as much importance as other areas of our body. You will go for regular body checks but what about regular visits to an orthodontist who can look into your mouth and check all the boxes. Oral health is not just about perfect teeth, it also includes the muscles in your mouth, your jaw and all the joints that allow you to move your mouth.

If any of these do not work, you can have trouble doing the simplest of tasks, including eating and talking. A temporomandibular joint (joint that connects the jaw to the temporal bones in the skull) is the one responsible for the movement of your mouth and any problems in this area are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD). You may also hear people refer to it as TMJ, after the name of the joint.

It is unclear what the causes behind TMD are, but doctors believe that any problems with the joint or the muscles in the mouth are signs of TMD. Any injury to the muscle or jaw of the mouth and neck can cause TMD. It can be a whiplash or a blow. Clenching and grinding teeth can also cause TMD. Others causes of TMD are stress and arthritis in joints.

TMD is more common in women between 20 and 40 than it is in men. It can last a couple of months and sometimes years as well. Common symptoms of TMD are pain and discomfort in the face, jaw, joints in the neck and shoulder area. If you ever hear popping or grating sounds while opening your mouth, you should know that it is possible you may suffer from TMJ. Your face can also swell if you have TMJ.

If you are looking for an oral health care centre to get TMJ treatment in Calgary, you should know about the treatments available. There are some home treatments as well that can help your relieve some pain. Your doctor may also prescribe them before they go for surgeries and other treatment options.

1.Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for pain relief
2.Use heat and ice packs
3.Eat soft and light food items
4.Relaxation techniques
5.No extreme jaw movements

These home treatments may help with the pain but there is no guarantee it will cure TMJ. Your doctor can also try other medications or prescribe a night guard or splint. If these do not work as well, only then will they try other treatment options like radio wave therapy and surgery, at least at TS Oral Health, the best place to go for TMJ treatment in Calgary.

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