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Posted by Rubina Parveen on November 25th, 2019


Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. Like so, online shopping also has many advantages and disadvantages. For many, the disadvantages are fairly negligible when compared to the advantages. Most of the disadvantages, once you really look at it, aren’t at all disadvantages. It’s more our misconceptions about online shopping that stops us from really harnessing all that it has to offer us. 


Here, we’ll explore the common disadvantages and discuss how to overcome them. 


Missing the shopping experience

Some people indulge in shopping not just for buying a product, but to experience the whole ordeal. Some have described shopping as therapeutic, and it is a hobby for many. They even go out just for window shopping, without buying anything. What these people complain about online shopping is that they lose out on the experience of it. 

Online shopping actually allows you to see more in less time. With today’s developments, you can even go as far as virtually try on a product. The only part you’d be missing is touching and feeling cloth, but even for that, cloth descriptions are given explicitly. Clothing websites like 6th Street has fabulous description tags and 6th Street Coupon Codes for cheap buying. 

Order - Delivery lag

Sometimes, the item that you ordered may take a couple days to get to you. In most circumstances, this is annoying and inconvenient. However, today, some websites are offering really quick delivery, like 6th street, you really will not be able to feel any time lag with such websites. But, it must be noted that such services come at higher service costs. For this, use 6th Street Offers to reduce your final price. 


No significant discounts

This is an outdated myth. Maybe about 10 years ago, when online shopping wasn’t really practiced to the extent that it is now, e-commerce merchants weren’t able to give many discounts and promotions. But the rate at which e-commerce is expanding now, you can’t really find better deals anywhere else. 

What’s more, there are websites just for coupons, like Barakatalan. These sites have a truckload of coupons for all online shopping websites, right from food to travel. For example, Barakatalan carries many 6th Street Discount where you can buy extremely discounted designer items. 


Can’t closely examine the products

On a website, you’ll only be seeing a picture of the item that you want to buy. This is a hesitancy factor for many. How can you buy an outfit without getting to see, touch and try it on? But, with the shopping experience that is available on apps and websites, you needn’t worry about this. Every picture and every description you see with explicitly explain the product for you. What’s more, you can also read the reviews from people who have already bought the product, which you can’t do in physical stores. This will help you judge the actual quality of the product before you put money into it. 


Payment frauds

This is something that still many consider as Online Shopping’s bane. Many aren’t able to trust an unseeable forum to handle money for them, and for that to be secure. This though is really something that should have been left in the 2000’s. 

Today, with a majority of transactions happening online, there is no reason to suspect any fraudulent activity. This isn’t to say that you mustn’t pay heed to the website through which you’re paying. There are still many frauds out there, but with reputed sites, you needn’t worry about that. 


We hope we’ve helped in breaking the online shopping myths for you. Have a happy online spree! 


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