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Posted by darrenqbg on November 25th, 2019

Peptides are important building blocks of your skin. They give your skin a "boost" and can make them more resistant and stronger. Therefore, it is always a good idea to add peptides to your skincare. But Peptides USA has no magical properties, as some cosmetics brands claim. There is simply no ingredient that works against all skin problems, and peptides are no exception. A single peptide can not "save" your skin, but in combination with other drugs, it can do a lot.


Proteins (eg collagen) consist of chains of peptides, and these in turn of amino acids. There are hundreds of peptides and each peptide is made up of a combination of amino acids. And when peptides are combined in a certain way, they form proteins.

Your skin is made of proteins, these are one of the most important foundations of your skin. If your skin did not contain any peptides, your skin would be flabby, wrinkled, your skin structure would be different and it would not be as elastic and strong.

The fascinating thing about peptides is that they support your skin in many ways. There is extensive scientific research that has shown that peptides, for example, tighten and soothe your skin and improve hydration.


New scientific studies show promising results for the use of peptides in skin care. Their ability to refresh the individual building blocks of the skin and make your skin more resilient improves overall skin texture. But if your expectations are realistic, you will avoid disappointment.

There are plenty of reasons to make peptides the hero ingredients of a skincare product, such as in our Peptide Booster . But it is also important to recognize that some brands are over-expectations of what peptides can deliver. Even if the results are not comparable to those of a cosmetic correction, peptides can bring about enormous improvements in the skin.


Peptides are special ingredients, but as individual ingredients they are not enough. The skin care products you invest in should also contain other effective ingredients, such as antioxidants and skin-healing ingredients (including peptides).

In addition, if your goal is to get smoother, softer, more hydrated, firmer and younger-looking skin, you'll need to look for other ingredients in addition to peptides. That's why we use the "active substance cocktail" for our products, which means that we always combine several active ingredients. For the Peptide Booster, we have selected a blend of 8 unique peptides that are supported by amino acids and skin-renewing ingredients.

In addition, you should not be tempted by the claim that there is only one "true" peptide or "true" peptide mix because it simply does not exist. There are many notable peptides, and more and more are being discovered (or manufactured). When combined with antioxidants, moisturizing and skin care ingredients in a skin care product, you can expect fantastic results against multiple signs of aging.


Copper peptides are certainly among the skin care ingredients that have led to much fuss. This hype started because it was discovered that some building blocks of your skin are made of copper. And so the logic has arisen that you contribute a certain amount of copper in your skin care products to a firmer skin. It is true that this copper peptide is a skin-regenerating ingredient, but there are other peptides that have the same or even more impressive properties.

In the studies, copper peptide is almost never compared to other peptides or other ingredients, such as potent antioxidants. There are even studies showing that copper is potentially toxic. However, research is focused mainly on the use of pure copper on your skin rather than as a peptide. Therefore, it remains a fallacy to focus too much on one ingredient. Skin care is not so simple.


Peptides can be helpful ingredients of good skin care. But just as with all other ingredients, they are not the only ingredients that help prevent signs of aging. Be skeptical of claims that peptides are "the real truth" in skincare. Always remember that when formulating good products, the active ingredient cocktail is important. A mix of effective ingredients and using a daily sunscreen is the best thing you can do for the health and look of your skin.

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