Everything You Need To Know About Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Posted by Diesel Injection on November 26th, 2019

Of the major advancements in technology, diesel engines were the first ones to receive fuel injection. Diesel engines might be related to agrarian chuggers, but they are still the most used in the industrial setting for hours on end owing to their efficiency, durability, and economy. If you have to study about diesel engines, the following are some of the fuel injections pumps that you should know about. 

  1. Throttle body injection: These are very much related to gas carburetors and have been derived from it only. The only difference between TBI and gas carburetion is that it uses one or a set of downward facing injectors that can shoot fuel into the engine under the pressure. Many of the fuel injector services in Orlando use this kind of injection pump, however, there are better options delivered now. 
  2. Multipoint injection system: This system mainly uses dual fuel pumps to feed fuel into the injectors of the engine directly into the engine’s intake valves through the intake port. 
  3. Direct injection pump: These are being used on diesel engines since the 1950s and make the system powerful with positive displacement fuel pump to pump into the diesel through the injectors and then into the cylinders. This is similar to the caterpillar fuel injection pumps and make differentiates an injection pump from the other through its positive displacement. It also overcomes all the fuel pressure and forces the air back into the fuel line. 

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