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For any business, the logo is the first thing that meets the public. It represents the business, anchors its brand and is the single most visible manifestation of the business in its target market. An effective business logo design is an essential part of the overall marketing strategy of any company.

The Face of the Company

The logo displays the company’s unique identity with images, graphics, font and color that must represent the brand as well as make the right impression on the public. An effective logo will be simple, versatile, memorable, appropriate and timeless. The logo appears on both print and online media and must be suitable for every kind of application. Logos are intended to be recognizable and inspire trust and admiration for the product or service.

Four Main Types of Logos

The four general categories of logos are:

• Textual logos only use font such as the Walt Disney logo that is the signature of Walt Disney and the name Coca Cola.

• Illustrated logos include Pepsi’s red, white and blue circle or the new Starbucks logo that only has the mermaid and no font.

• Symbolic logos such as the Nike swoosh is an abstract design that becomes associated with the brand.

• A combination of the above three types of logos is the fourth type. An example is Domino’s Pizza with the red domino and the name in a tilted square that resembles a pizza box.

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