7 Countertop Ideas That Will Completely Change The Look Of Your Kitchen

Posted by Michael Griffin on November 26th, 2019

When it comes to designing the kitchen, you want to make sure that it looks great and matches the design scheme of your entire house. There are many fixtures and accessories in your kitchen that can serve as a design element and make your kitchen look the parts. Countertops are one such feature that glams your kitchen up. Whether you are looking for a Quartz countertops in Denver or a laminate countertop, you can easily find some inspiration from the local stores.
To help you design your kitchen, here are some countertop ideas that will make your kitchen look classy and elegant like you always wanted.

Stainless steel countertop
Did you notice the super clean stainless steel countertops when you visit the restaurants and your favorite food places? Did you always want your kitchen to look like those high-end restaurants? If that is the case then stainless steel countertops are just right for you. If you are someone who loves to cook, then these countertops will work wonders for you. They can withstand heavy-duty kitchen works and are also easy to clean, making it a great choice from both utility and design perspective.

Granite countertop
Granite is available in many forms such as tile, slab and modular. Modular granite countertops may just be the perfect choice for your kitchen. Much larger then granite tiles and smaller than granite slabs, these granite countertops reduce the annoying seams that come with granite tiles.

Concrete countertop
Concrete countertop has gained quite the popularity these days. Concrete countertops are quite unique and leave you a lot of room for customization. You can install the countertop in whatever thickness you want and you can also choose the color, size, and shape to fit into the kitchen layout. Concrete countertops are the only ones that adjust with the design layout of your kitchen rather than adjusting the kitchen as per the countertops.

Reclaimed wood countertop
If you are someone who believes in a green designing of your home, then reclaimed wood countertop is just the right choice for you. They are also quite unique and make your kitchen look all the more interesting. Reclaimed wood countertops are simply gorgeous. There are very few homes that use a wooden countertop, much less a reclaimed wood countertop. The only drawback of these countertops is that they require more maintenance than a non-organic substance might need.

Quartz countertop
Quartz is a nice and shiny material, that gives of a silver-gold shine and makes for a great choice for a kitchen countertop. If you want to impart an industrial look to your kitchen, then Quartz countertops are just the right choice. Quartz countertops don’t just look good but they also perform much better than a granite countertop.

Glass countertop
What are your ideas on a glass countertop? Does it seem a bit too risque for you, considering the fragility of glass? You do not have to worry about this if you really want to install a glass countertop in your kitchen. Glass countertops are available that are safety graded and won’t chip, crack or shatter so easily, if at all. Glass countertops are perfect if you want your kitchen to look really unique. Pretty sure, you won’t find a glass countertop around your neighborhood.

Poured epoxy countertop
Did you notice that countertop in the pub that you like to visit? The poured epoxy countertops are so cool to look at, that you really want to install one in your kitchen as well.
If a unique kitchen is what you aim for then poured epoxy countertop will do the job perfectly for you. You need to hire a professional to install it for you. Epoxy comes in gallons and is poured on. It may take up to 518degrees Fahrenheit before it distorts and gives you the countertop that you want. Your friends will love to have a house party at your place because of the pub-like feel these countertops give.

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