Amazing Benefits of Conducting OHS Risk Assessment at Your Workplace

Posted by Steven Main on November 26th, 2019

As a business owner, conducting a risk assessment at your workplace is very important. In the context of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), risk assessment is the process of determining and identifying the risk and hazards based on severity and likelihood of work injuries, property damage ill-health etc. Some companies or organisations conduct a risk assessment in their workplace because it’s a legal requirement and there is no way to get around that. But when you come to know about the real benefits provided by risk assessment in your workplace then it helps motivate you to actually do it. Here are some of the main benefits that you receive by conducting hazard identification and risk assessment:

  • Identify and control potential hazards in your workplace.
  • Create awareness among your workers and this can be used as a training tool as well.
  • Reduce injuries and illness in the workplace.
  • Set risk assessment and management standards depending upon safe practices and legal requirements.

Many people often have the wrong assumption that accidents at the workplace occur due to mistakes or negligence of employees, but in reality, most of the accidents occur due to insufficient management controls. Your proactive efforts of implementing Project Management Risk Assessment can prevent your company from the majority of accidents that may occur in your workplace. Main & Associates is the leading OHS consultants Melbourne company that have many years of experience providing effective project management risk assessment services which will help to raise the standard of your health and safety measures. We provide proactive risk assessment and hazard identification process at your workplace which is more cost-effective to complete this process and implement best risk management systems than to have an accident on site.

The organizations which do not conduct risk assessment will not only have the potential to ruin lives of many workers or employees, but it could also increase costs to businesses through compensation claims, lost output and higher insurance premiums. A good OHS Risk Assesment at Main & Associates ensures a safe and healthy work environment and will help to prevent accidents and ill-health. Our highly trained workplace safety consultants provide the best training to your employees, conduct inspections, work procedures and employee fitness. Our safety consultants ensure sufficient and competent supervision and planned maintenance of structures and equipment that will help to reduce the likelihood of a health and safety incident at your workplace.

The team of highly trained professionals at Main & Associates are experts in Manual Handling Risk Assesment and their main goal is to identify safety and health hazards and evaluate potential risk present within the workplace. The hazards will be identified as soon as possible, associated risks are evaluated and necessary steps will be taken to minimise the potential effects. For more details and other information about Main & Associates please visit our website here:

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