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Posted by CRMJetty on November 27th, 2019

Whenever your customers visit any e-store, they might have come across various statements that read:

"To submit any product related query, you can contact our support team at this email id."

"If you need any additional information about our product, you can check out the FAQs page."

"Our support staff operates between business hours only."

In such scenarios, it becomes difficult for your customers to find where they must contact in case of a query. Being an e-store owner when it comes to interacting with customers, it is necessary to have proper flow to help your user navigate your e-store. And it is obvious you don't want the products, contacts, services and new query emails to come to you over email.

The best way to handle this problem is to use web portal solutions. The portal is a perfect solution to handle customer related queries. They make it easy to solve real-life problems of your customers. But have you ever thought of building a custom base portal for your business?

Having a custom web portal is the best decision for your business. It helps you to handle your customers and grow your business graph.

Here I have mentioned some of the must-have features you must consider while developing a customized web portal:

Interactive Dashboard:

Dashboard is the first thing your customer interacts when they log in. So, having a dynamic and interactive dashboard is a must. It is necessary to provide users with quick modules of all the important features they might require directly on the dashboard. You can make it even easier for your users by categorizing your dashboard more minutely. It can be on the basis of their history and or a display of products that they generally prefer. Don't make the dashboard complex for the user to understand and use. A dashboard is a quick summary of all the important features using a simple representation. Hence, you must ensure that it has the following things:

Make sure dashboard is properly categorized to make it easy for your customers to search around.

Provide quick features like "Add To Cart" or "Wishlists".

Provide better UI/UX for better customer experience.

The most important factor while providing these facilities is to make sure that the interface is tidy and clean. Avoid displaying lengthy messages and content. Because such lengthy messages distract your customers while purchasing things.


Tracking is a basic feature. We all track our food, online orders, support tickets, etc. It has become an important part of the customer service. Providing your customers the ability to track their orders, tickets, food, etc. gives them good experience. Hence, it is necessary to provide your customers with updates on their orders.

Providing tracking features to your customers will make it easy for them to track the status of their goods, shipments, etc. You can even send your customers important updates regarding delivery via email or messages.

Using tracking features you can make it easy for your customers to make next order, because this helps them to know the estimated delivery time. You can even claim that the delivery is faster than usual as this inspires your customer to come back to you.

Knowledge Base:

Today we are obsessed with mobile phones and technology and as a result, customers need businesses to provide answers or solutions to their problems immediately. Currently, for any issue, your customers would be interacting with the support team. But, the best way to provide better support to your customers is to provide them with the perfect knowledge base that contains details and provides solution to your products. The knowledgebase provides the user freedom to search for a solution to their problems on their own and understand it till some extent. This helps your support team in turn as this knowledge base helps in decreasing support tickets and your team gets an opportunity to invest their time in some productive work.

Multiple Device Accessibility:

Today people need mobility. They cannot stick to one place and work for the whole day, as there are many other activities they manage simultaneously. It is necessary that people can access their data from anywhere at any time and can handle critical business communication. Mobile responsiveness is the number one priority for almost every industry to improve customer interaction. Similarly, it is necessary to have your web portal development done such that it supports multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Business Logic:

I know, it is an easy solution to have a readymade portal solution but they have pre-decided workflow. However, different businesses have different workflow. Therefore, it is better to have a web portal development team on board or outsource web portal development services to a company that helps you customize it according to your business logic. The main purpose behind opting for a custom portal development is you can easily have full control over it. You can easily customize from scratch according to your business logic and add the flow of features and activities according to your needs and your customer's requirements.

Final Words:

Web portal solutions are the key to customer management. When working with portals the primary goal is to make them scalable so that it supports your customer's requirements.

Author Bio :

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of CRMJetty, the hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready to CMS integrate portal solutions for various CRM, including Web Portal Solutions. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of e-commerce technology.


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